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Alum Martin writes The Conversation op-ed about technology in lower-income families

February 24, 2016

UW-Madison alumna Crystle Martin recently authored an op-ed for The Conversation about technology and learning in lower-income families.

Martin earned her Ph.D. from the School of Education's No. 1-ranked Department of Curriculum and Instruction in 2012.

Her op-ed is headlined, "Many low-income students use only their phone to get online. What are they missing?"

A recent report titled, “Opportunity for all? Technology and learning in low income families,” found that “one-quarter of those earning below the median income and one-third of those living below poverty level accessed the Internet only through their mobile devices.”

Martin writes: “A third of families with mobile-only access quickly hit the data limits on their mobile phone plans and about a quarter have their phone service cut off for lack of payment.”

This lack of access to the Internet can be a barrier to learning for many people.

Martin writes: “Having access to the Internet only through a phone can have an impact on young people’s access to learning opportunities. Designers, educators and researchers need to be aware and continually create more equity through mindful decision-making.”

To read the op-ed, visit The Conversation's website.

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