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Alum Verma receives Research Leadership Award for ‘Critical Peace Education and Global Citizenship’

June 07, 2017

UW-Madison alumna Rita Verma received the ANAHEI Research Leadership Award: Global Issues, from the 2017 Global Conference on Education and Research.

Verma received this honor for her book, “Critical Peace Education and Global Citizenship: Narratives From the unofficial Curriculum.” The publication was inspired by Verma’s work in the community and in the classroom, and her passion for teaching social studies education and peace studies at Adelphi University.

Verma publicationVerma received her Ph.D. from the School of Education’s departments of Educational Policy Studies and Curriculum and Instruction in 2004. Today she is an associate professor at Adelphi University in New York.

According to the Routledge web page promoting the book, “‘Critical Peace Education and Global Citizenship’ offers narrative accounts representing multiple ways teacher and learner activists have come to realize possibilities for peace and reconciliation through unofficial curricula. With these narratives, the book demonstrates the connections between critical peace education and such crucial issues as human trafficking, gang violence, contested narratives of nationhood and belonging, gender identities, and the significance of mentoring. Through rich examples of pedagogic work, this volume enhances and illustrates critically oriented understandings and interpretations of peace in real classrooms with diverse populations of students. Written primarily for scholars and graduate students working in the fields of educational theory, critical pedagogy, and educational policy, the chapters in this book tell a compelling story about teachers, learners and scholar activists who continue to struggle for the creation of transformative and meaningful sites for peace praxis.”

To learn more about Verma and the award, check out this Adelphi University news post.
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