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Travers' research on video games and autism featured by Spectrum

June 26, 2018

Spectrum recently published an article exploring video games and autism research, and invokes the expertise of UW-Madison's Brittany Travers.

Brittany Travers
Travers is an investigator at UW–Madison’s Waisman Center and an assistant professor with the Occupational Therapy program in the School of Education's Department of Kinesiology.

Travers is developing a game that lets children practice poses inspired by yoga and tai chi, titled "Ninja Training." The player can get to more advanced levels by holding poses for longer periods of time.

Travers has researched the effects of playing "Ninja Training" on children and adolescents with autism. Travers and her team have found preliminary evidence of real-life benefits of the game, with players making the most progress in "Ninja Training" also making the most improvements in their balance. 

Read the full article: "How to game the search for autism treatments."

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