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UW-Madison alum Pier's work on research funding cited in New York Times op-ed

June 28, 2018
UW-Madison alumna Libby Pier's research was cited extensively in a recent New York Times op-ed about funding scientific research.

Pier earned her Ph.D. in the learning sciences from the School of Education’s Department of Educational Psychology in 2017.

Libby Pier
The op-ed discusses how medical research funding is scarce, and how the current approach to designate funding "favors low-risk research and proposals by older scientists and white men."

Pier conducted the research about the NIH grant application process as part of her dissertation. Co-authors include UW-Madison's Markus Brauer, Amarette Filut, Anna Kaatz, Joshua Raclaw, Mitchell J. Nathan, Cecilia E. Ford and Molly Carnes. 

Co-author Nathan is a Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Learning Sciences with the School of Education’s No. 1-ranked Department of Educational Psychology. He also is the director of the Center on Education and Work. Brauer is with the Department of Psychology, and  Filut, Kaatz, Ford and Carnes work with the Center for Women's Health Research. Raclaw is currently an assistant professor at West Chester University. 

For more information, read the New York Times article here, and read ​Pier's original research here.
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