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Barry's teaching and cartooning expertise featured by the Isthmus newspaper

July 02, 2018

UW-Madison's Lynda Barry was featured by the Isthmus newspaper for her work incorporating cartoons into the curriculum in the School of Education's Art Department, and beyond.

Barry is an award-winning author and cartoonist with the Art Department. The associate professor of interdisciplinary creativity holds the Chazen Family Distinguished Chair in Art.

Lynda Barry
With comics more popular than ever and with large amounts of student interest, Barry's talents are put to good use in the School of Education. In the spring of 2012, Barry arrived as the artist-in-residence for the UW-Madison Arts Institute and Art Department, and she says she fell in love with teaching.

"Instead of thinking of comics as another form of entertainment, Barry’s students often seem to describe cartooning as a foreign language, capable of nuances impossible to convey by words or pictures alone. They can be profound and deeply moving," writes Jay Rath in the Isthmus article. 

Barry, more than anyone else, has made cartooning at UW-Madison respectable, the article said. Cartooning is critical thought, because students "choose the barest minimum of lines to put your idea across."

“The thing that I’ve found — and I’ve worked in a lot of different populations,” Barry told Isthmus, “the hardest thing to get past is the representation of realism. Most people quit drawing at about eight, when they can’t draw a nose. Eight or nine? That’s it. Can’t draw. Can’t draw noses or hands. To this day they’ll avoid drawing noses and hands, even in my class.”

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