1950s and 1960s Class Notes for Fall 2016 Learning Connections



Barbara Levine
BS 1959 – Education English
Barbara continues to work as an editor at the Center for Dewey Studies, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Her long-standing project has been to edit the “Works About Dewey,” which is available online at the Center for Dewey Studies website (deweycenter.siu.edu). The latest update was in March 2016, with another expected in December.


Douglas K Mandt
1962 MS – Science Education
Douglas finally retired after 35 years in the classroom, 23 years supervising student teachers and conducting lab safety classes for science teachers.

Sharon Anderson Schwille
BS 1963 – Teacher Education
Sharon had her first book published in July, 2016 by Information Age Publishing. "Never Give Up: An Experienced Teacher Overcomes Obstacles to Change" is the true story of an elementary teacher who -- despite having professional development opportunities offered by being in a professional development school associated with a nearby university -- struggled for six years to change her teaching practices. Finally, during the seventh year of her journey of change, she experienced success in many areas of her work. The book is a must read for everyone interested in teacher development and learning.

Lonny Joseph Gordon
MS – 1967 Dance Choreography and Painting
Lonny writes that the 50th Anniversary of GORDONDANCE is announced for WORLDWIDE PREMIERES 2016 to 2020. Founded in 1968, the year 2018 marks the 50th Anniversary year and continues the World career of Lonny as a solo performer, choreographer, theater stage design innovator, and painter/paper maker. The title for this World Celebration is: BENCH BENCHES BENCHMARK Performances in 2016 have been in Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Padre Island, France, and Cuba. Lonny reports that he is invited back to the UW-Madison Dance Department’s 90th Celebration in 2017. BENCHES will be created and set in Madison for Kanopy Dance Theatre in 2018. Lonny now lives in Texas at Gordon Ranch founded in 1902.

Kathleen Briggs
1968 MS­ – Curriculum & Instruction
Kathleen teaches at the North Shore School for Seniors in Whitefish Bay, Wis. She reports that it is formed by faith groups in North Shore and includes Jewish & Christian groups to enrich the lives of retirees in her area.

Alice Esther Cohan Heiserman
BS1966, MA 1968 ­– English Education
Alice is now president of WriteBooksRight, an editorial/literary agency that helps book authors develop the book of their dreams. Her clients include both nonfiction and fiction authors including those writing memoirs, political parody, textbooks, and novels. She can be contacted at: WriteBooksRight.com

Carl Anderson
MS 1969 ­– Curriculum & Instructional Technology
Carl retired from Aid Association for Lutherans (now Thrivent) in 1997 as Educational Program Developer. Carl is currently active in local hospice and focuses on interviewing patients who wish to share their life stories. Upon completion, patients and their families receive a DVD of the interview, which also includes photos/memorabilia from the patient's life. Carl also leads Bible study on a weekly basis with a group of 12-16 spirit-filled people.

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