Class notes for Fall 2017 Learning Connections

Class Notes for Fall 2017 Learning Connections


Jean Sanford Replinger
BS 1950 — Physical Education
Jean retired as a professor emeritus in 1996 after 44 years of teaching at the university level -- 17 years at Antioch College in Ohio, and 26 at Southwest Minnesota State University -- and continued part-time another four years designing and doing teacher training in a program titled “Teachers of Color”. At Antioch, in addition to other counseling and teaching, Jean designed and directed Antioch’s (Ohio's) first year-round Outdoor Education Center, while also designing and directing Antioch’s International Work-Study Program for Teachers as part of her doctoral work at Ohio State University. On her own time in those years Jean also became involved in serious cave exploration and research in the karst region of Kentucky and was a charter member of the Cave Research Foundation. During summers in the 1950s, Jean led six-week bicycle trips in Europe for the Canadian Youth Hostel Association and did shipboard educational work for the Council on International Exchange. During Antioch’s breaks, Jean lead numerous student trips in the Smoky Mountains and the Boundary Waters Canoeing Area. In 1969, Jean and her husband joined the faculty of Minnesota's then newest state university in Marshall, Minn., where she coordinated the institution’s first accreditation and then implemented the Interdisciplinary, Global Studies and Handicapped programs.  In 1965, Jean designed and directed Minnesota's first Outward Bound Program for girls; then in 1981, the same for handicapped people. From 1983-2015, Jean designed and directed programs on the northern Minnesota island home of Ernest Oberholtzer.  This is now a National Historic Preservation Site as Oberholtzer was a central figure in the work to set aside the Minnesota Boundary Waters Canoeing Area Wilderness.  Since spring 2016, Jean continues to serve the Oberholtzer Foundation as Director Emeritus. Says Jean: “I definitely credit my undergraduate education at UW-Madison with helping me develop so many of the strengths and confidences for doing my life work.”

Victor Carman
MS 1954
Victor has been invited to speak at the American Veterans Center Youth Program in Washington, D.C.  This  program is to inform youth from the armed service academies, ROTC programs and other youth who are interested in the past and present activities of the military. Having served in the US Navy and the Army Reserve, Victor reports that he hopes to contribute to this program.

Marilyn Grabin Putz
BS 1954 — Physical Education
Marilyn is currently on staff at an animal hospital in Illinois, where she founded their dog therapy group about 27 years ago, and is still directing it.

Lelia M. Liebenberg Ladenburger
BS 1956 — Elementary Education
Lelia enjoyed teaching first grade at Longfellow School in Madison for three years, third grade in Blacksburg, Va., for three years, working as coordinator/evaluator of Title I programs in East Hartford, Conn., for five years and in the gifted area in the Rockford, Ill., area part-time. Teaching in various states helped Lelia realize and appreciate the excellent training she received at UW-Madison. More recently, Leila worked with the Literacy Council as a tutor for an ESL student, helping her learn English, receive her food service license and her American Citizenship. At the time Lelia was working, she was also raising three teenagers with the help of her husband. Now, Leila and her husband are both retired, love to travel and enjoy the Road Scholar educational programs.

Corinne Sue Wick
BS 1956 — Education
Corinne had been teaching speech class at San Francisco State University and San Francisco College happily for around 40 years. At 80, Corinne retired — also happily. For Corinne’s service to the community, she volunteers to read with elementary school children. Reading Shakespeare's witches scene about "boil and trouble" delights Corinne and most of the children. As Corinne’s Uncle Offy would say about her at 82, "You are still above ground and eating." Corinne is delighted to be with a community of women in Mothertongue Feminist Theater Collective, writing and performing largely in senior centers and at political rallies. In this political age, many resist by writing and calling representatives. Corinne says, “We all hope for a more humane government.”

Jerry Apps
Ph.D. 1967 — Curriculum & Instruction
Jerry published two new books in 2017, titled “Never Curse the Rain,” and “Old Farm Country Cookbook,” both from Wisconsin Historical Society Press. “Never Curse the Rain” was also a new public TV documentary in 2017, from Wisconsin Public Television. Jerry will publish two new books in 2018, titled “Once a Professor,” from Wisconsin Historical Society Press, and “Cold as Thunder,” a novel from the University of Wisconsin Press.

Dave Madson
BS 1959 — Natural Science
Dave has produced a booklet titled, “Numbers Keyboards Skills Development Practice Booklet,” for use by accounting departments wanting to decrease usage of mind-disturbing, high-stress producing personal computers.


Yvonne Gionet Schmidt
BS 1961 — Secondary English Education
Yvonne has been meeting with a woman who has early-stage Alzheimer's. They can play the piano together, work on crafts and reminisce a little, a learning experience for both.

Sandra Rosen Holubow
BS 1963 — Art, Art Education
Sandra is currently working on two exhibits for the 2018 Bicentennial Celebration of the State of Illinois. She has titled one “The First 200 Years,” from January to February at the Lincoln Village Town Hall. The second exhibition will be held at the Chicago Cultural Center from May 11 to July 8, and is a two-person exhibit featuring towns and cities Sandra has traveled through in her home state. Sandra observes how towns and farms transition to suburbs and housing complexes, small cities to repurposing when industry leaves.

Maxine Sheets-Johnstone
MS 1954 — Physical Education
Ph.D. 1963 — Physical Education

Maxine has published "Husserlian Phenomenology and Darwinian Evolutionary Biology," in Studia Phenomenologica, "Moving in Concert," in Choros International Dance Journal, "In Praise of Phenomenology," in Phenomenology and Practice, and "The Body Politic: A Jungian Perspective," in Psychotherapy and Politics International.

Natalie R. French
BS 1966 — Elementary Education
Natalie earned a master's degree in special education, and then taught special education for 27 years in the Milwaukee Public School system. After retiring from the classroom, Natalie became a mentor to new special education teachers. Natalie earned master's degrees in cultural foundations (Waldorf Education); and global educational leadership. Natalie worked with adjudicated youth in Milwaukee through GED prep and taught at Milwaukee Area Technical College. She then moved to Chicago in 2007 and worked as a mentor for special education teachers for the Chicago Public School system and Accelerate Institute in Chicago. All Natalie’s education work since 1966 has focused on urban education in under-resourced schools and neighborhoods. Natalie is currently working for City Colleges of Chicago/Malcolm X College and Literacy Volunteers of Western Cook County, and does not plan on retirement.

Lonny Joseph Gordon
MFA 1967—Painting, Dance Choreography
Lonny published an essay from journal writings in Impressions Magazine by the Japanese Art Society of America in March 2017 titled, “Doors Once Open – Open Again Even Wider.” In March and April 2018, a commission from Kanopy Dance Theatre at the Overture Center in Madison will premiere two new choreographies; a solo, “Radiant Shaman” and a group work, “Benches.”

Karen Vahovius Neuendorf
BS 1967 — Elementary Education
Karen is a retired teacher and an art quilter. Karen also has four grandchildren and loves to travel.

Alice Cohan Heiserman
MA 1968 — Education, English
Alice is using the skills she gained from the School of Education to help others write books. Her company, WriteBooksRight, has placed several books with publishers.

Barbara Sorensen
BS 1968 — Art Education
Barbara continues to have a successful career as a professional artist in Orlando, Florida. Her work has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries throughout Orlando, as well as around the country. Barbara’s work has been acquired by museums and institutions alike, as well as private collectors. She is included the permanent collections of the Orlando Museum of Art, Mennello Museum of American Art, Cornell Museum of Fine Arts, University of Central Florida, and Stetson University, among others. Her most recent accomplishment is the purchase of her newest series, "Ripples" by both the Orlando International Airport and the Brightline Florida Train Company. Both pieces are to be installed later this year as large-scale public art installations. Images of "Ripples" and Sorensen's iconic portfolio of work can be viewed at

Darlyne Beliveau Leete
BS 1969 — Physical Education
Darlyne is retired in Michigan, and taught in Pennsylvania, Oregon and Virginia. Darlyne is married, has grandkids and is thinking of college friends Jean, Cindy, and Jack.

Ronald A. Smith
MA 1966 — Education, History
Ph.D. 1969 — Physical Education

Ronald is still active with researching and writing about sports history. Ronald’s new manuscript is titled: "Nailed to the Crossbar: From the NCAA-Penn State Consent Decree to the Joe Paterno Family Lawsuit." It will likely be published in 2018.


Chuck Nagle
BS 1970 — Physical Education
Chuck lives in Baltimore, Md., works as a private basketball trainer for college and professional athletes, and is the owner/operator of "Knock it Down Shooting Camps & Clinics."

D. Thomas King
Ph.D. 1972 — Curriculum & Instruction
Thanks to the synergism of the curriculum and math education professors, in particular, Dr. Tom Romberg, Thomas reports he was able to do a formative study on the effects of flowcharting and coding with low achieving high school students. It was too small of a sample to generalize back then, but later paradigms showed that if a student can parse a math problem, analyze and interlock the needed steps to solve it and then write the code to make it happen, it lights up their faces like an Archimedean "Eureka." Later K-12 projects expanded this notion to include the students in assuming primary responsibility for their own personal learning plans, subjecting their learning goals, resources and progress to the same analytical strategies cited above. In short, says Thomas, “It worked!” Now that Thomas is teaching education technology courses to teachers in a graduate education program, Thomas has adapted this same model for teacher use in their professional development.

Louisa Dykes Arthur-Ofei
MA 1972 — Educational Policy Studies
Louisa has taught high school individual education students at Walt Whitman in Bethesda, Md., for the last 16 years, and says the need for qualified individual education teachers is vital. Louisa says in the next 10 years, research will prove qualified individual education teachers in urban schools can improve attrition and retention. Louisa is in her final stage of writing her dissertation and says hiring qualified individual education teachers for urban schools is emerging as a defining issue for contemporary education leaders. Turnover and burnout are continuing challenges. Louisa’s study employs a qualitative methodology to identify relevant critical needs when teachers who teach special needs students decide to stay or leave their jobs.

Alice Dewey Goldstone
BS 1976 — Elementary Education, Theater
Alice just completed an animated movie for Paramount Pictures titled "Amusement Park," and recently started developing a new film set in ancient Greece at Sony Pictures Animation. Alice continues to appreciate the wonderful foundation she gained from the Integrated Liberal Studies program. Her knowledge and appreciation of Greek art, history and literature was fostered at Madison in ILS and continues to inspire her work today. Previously, Alice was at Walt Disney Studios working on several movies including, “The Lion King,” “Hercules,” “Aladdin” and “Home on the Range.”

Richard Nelson
Ph.D. 1972 — Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
After a long teaching career at the University of Rhode Island, Richard is happily retired to beautiful Englewood, Fla.

Terese Berceau
BSE 1973 — Communication Arts
Terese is in a ninth term as a representative in the Wisconsin State Legislature, and is currently the ranking member on the Committee on Colleges and Universities.

Thomas A Philabaum
MA 1973 — Art Education
Thomas is an Arizona glass artist and will again be making the winner's trophy for the 2017 NOVA Arizona Bowl. The trophy will be football-shaped blown glass with copper inclusions. Thomas works out of Philabaum Glass Gallery & Studio in Tucson, Ariz.

Charles Slater
Ph.D. 1973—Curriculum & Instruction
Charles will present a paper titled, "Advocacy for Social Justice in a Spanish School," at the Hong Kong Educational Research Association in December 2017.

George A. Goens
Ph.D. 1973 — Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
George has published his ninth book, "It's Not My Fault: Victim Mentality and Becoming Response-Able", by Rowman and Littlefield Publishers. The book examines victim mentality and the obligation parents and educators have to help children grow into maturity and learn that they can act in positive ways in good and hard times. He is currently working on a book about how education can help create a more civil society, which is to be published in 2018.

Sandra S. Dahl
MS 1970 — Education & Speech
Ph.D. 1975 — Curriculum & Instruction

Sandra is the owner and director of Kids Express Learning Center in Madison, Wisconsin.

Erica Gruen
MS 1975 — Educational Psychology
After many years in media and entertainment, Erica has returned to education as an adjunct faculty member at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development. Erica is pioneering a new curriculum in entrepreneurship and teaching it in two departments at Steinhardt: the Music Business program and the Nutrition & Food Studies program. Erica reports she is greatly enjoying the interaction with lively students and fellow faculty.

Marlene L. Ross
BS 1970 — Elementary Education
MS 1975 — Curriculum & Instruction

After teaching first, second and third grades in the Monona Grove (Wis.) School District for 35 years, Marlene worked part-time for the district administering achievement tests for an additional 12 years, "re-retiring" last spring. Marlene has witnessed profound changes in education over the past five decades but also observed there are some things that have not changed. Marlene will greatly miss her connection with students and staff, but is looking forward to having more time to travel and spend with family.

Don Vincent
BS 1976 — Secondary Education, Science
After teaching high school science in the Madison Schools for 33 years, Don taught science methods to future elementary and middle school teachers, and supervised student teachers for five additional years. At this time, Don was a friendly observer for a UW-Madison after-school science program and mentored new teachers with the Madison Schools.

David Harris
MS 1970 — Curriculum & Instruction
Ph.D. 1976 — Curriculum & Instruction

David authored the second edition of “Reasoning with Democratic Values: Ethical Issues in American History," with Anne-Lise Halvorsen, College of Education, Michigan State University, and Paul Dain, retired high school social studies teacher.  The second edition will be published by Teachers College Press of Columbia University in April 2018. The first edition, written by David and Professor Alan Lockwood of UW-Madison, was published in 1985.

Bill Langbehn
MS 1978 — Curriculum & Instruction
Bill worked in corporate communication, and retired early to start his own business — Langbehn Communication Services. Bill produces video and photography for corporate events, employee communication, new product announcements, and the like. Bill also creates corporate media for web use, internal communication and public distribution. He specializes in helping clients communicate with their various audiences stakeholders.

Renee Elizabeth Forrest
Ph.D. 1977 — Curriculum & Instruction
Renee is retired.

Joan M Lakebrink
Ph.D. 1977 — Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Joan is a Vincent DePaul Professor Emerita and DePaul University League of Women Voters Evanston board member.

Beth Verdin
MS 1997—Educational Administration
Beth is a licensed insurance broker specializing as a Medicare consultant.

Mike Berg
BS 1978 — Education
Mike is the director of, a San Diego-based online job search and employability skills training firm that recently released an app in the Apple App Store and a Udemy training program, “Invisible to Remarkable,” that’s focused on helping people find or change jobs and the importance of developing their own brand.

William R. Rodriguez
Teaching Certification 1978
William, who retired after 33 of teaching high school English, is completing “From the Banks of Brook Avenue: An Annotated Edition.” The book's purpose is to give the reader an understanding of the creative process undertaken in the writing of poetry. All of the text of the original edition is included, along with commentary on the people, places, and events that inspired each of the poems. The Appendix offers a look at the task of revision, and, whenever possible, includes an earlier draft of each poem.

Barbara Tauschek
BS 1978 — Pre-School Kindergarten Education
Barbara taught for three years after earning a degree. Barbara was also a substitute teacher for a year before retirement. Between the teaching jobs, Barbara spent most of her career working as a paralegal. Barbara says her favorite attorneys would sometimes quip, “Bet you're glad you worked with kindergartners first!”


Steven Schneider
Ph.D. 1980 — Behavioral Disabilities
Steven is a faculty member in the School of Health, Human Services, and Science at Ashford University, editor for “Systems Thinking World Journal: Reflection in Action,” and project lead on “Visualization and Qualitative Text Analysis.”

Eydie Barttenes Cohen
BS 1981 — Communicative Disorders
Eydie has been delivering professional development to ESPs in the Orange Frog philosophy based on Shaun Achor's Happiness Advantage. Choosing happiness is a choice!

Dale Schulz
BS 1981 — Elementary Education
Dale recently retired from the Oregon School District after teaching 34 years as a fourth grade teacher at Brooklyn Elementary. Since retiring, Dale fills his weeks with a variety of activities, such as coaching and teaching a first aid class named Rescue Kids. Dale also returns to his old school as a guest teacher to get his “kid fix.” Another interesting career has landed Dale at Midwest Hop and Beer Analysis, a laboratory that analyzes hops and beers. The lab tests for moisture, oils and various acid levels for hop farmers ranging all across the country. In addition, they test beers. Dale reports that “this is a dream job for an old retired teacher, where having a sip on the job is not only allowed, but it is encouraged.”

Diana I. Badur Ph.D. 1982 — Curriculum & Instruction Diana is currently an English professor teaching composition and literature at Black Hawk College in Moline, Ill.
Big Words for Little Geniuses

Laura Pizer Gueron
BS 1983 — Physical Therapy
Laura has worked as a physical therapist at both Gillette Lifetime Clinic and with the Center for Victims of Torture, in St. Paul, Minn. Laura presented a scientific poster about the use of TENS in teens and adults with childhood-onset conditions and spoke about pain education in adults with CP at the American Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Developmental Medicine Conference in Montreal, September 2017. Laura worked as clinical advisor for physical therapy for the Center for Victims of Torture program in Nairobi, Kenya, and has traveled to Kenya twice per year for field visits and support for the team. Laura co-wrote a chapter about physical therapy and treatment of survivors of torture and trauma with four other CVT physical therapists in the book, "Physiotherapy in Mental Health and Psychiatry: A scientific and clinical based approach,” which came out in October 2017 and is published by Elsevier.

Kimberly Kolstad Jordan
BS 1983 — Elementary Education
Rev. Kimberly is currently serving at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Oconomowoc, Wis.

Jason Maloney
BS 1983 — Education, Social Studies
Jason works with the Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center Partnership just west of Ashland, Wis., and the Forest Lodge Partnership with Northland College at the Forest Lodge Historic District near Cable, Wis. Both are located on the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest. Jason is now moving toward a bright future, and leaving leadership positions with both partnerships and his current employer, the USDA Forest Service at the end of 2017. He plans to assist his spouse, Cindy Dillenschneider, with her canoe paddle for one-armed use and pursue other endeavors that will improve our world.

Shelley Brown Brundage
BS 1984 — Communicative Disorders
Shelley received the Alumni of Notable Achievement award from the University of Minnesota, in recognition of her teaching, research, and service to the speech-language pathology profession.

Cindia Cameron
BS 1986 — Elementary Education
Cindia continues to be dismayed with the lack of appropriate funding for Wisconsin's public schools and by the continued expansion of the school choice voucher program. Cindia is currently living in Watertown, Wis.

Dr. Robert Grechesky
Ph.D. 1985 — Curriculum & Instruction
Robert was made a Sagamore of the Wabash by the Governor of Indiana in 2014, and was elected to the Butler University Athletic Hall of Fame in 2016. Robert received the Butler Medal, which is the highest award given to a faculty member by the Alumni Association for lifetime contributions to the university, the community, and the profession in 2017

Karen Jansheski
BS 1985 — Elementary Education
Karen is in her 31st year of teaching and is currently an academically talented specialist for grades 3 through 5 at more than 11 schools. Karen is also a curriculum writer for the program. Karen still loves teaching and loves what she does. Karen resides in Kalamazoo, Mich., with her husband, Chad, who is also an educator. She has a son attending Michigan State to be an educator and a senior daughter in high school.

Nancy H. Hornberger
Ph.D. 1985 — Educational Policy Studies
Nancy is honored to have edited a volume in honor of former EPS Professor Richard Ruiz, who passed away unexpectedly in spring 2015. The book, “Honoring Richard Ruiz and his Work on Language Planning and Bilingual Education,” brings together a selection of Ruiz’s work as well as reflections from his former students and colleagues, including Nancy. Here's Nany’s blog about the book:

Steve Staniak
BS 1986 — Education, English
Steve is in his 29th year as a public school educator in the state of Oregon, and is serving as the superintendent of Pilot Rock School District.

Judy Benish
BS 1986 — Elementary Education
Judy was hired in February 1987 by the Mineral Point (Wis.) School District as a Title I math teacher. She is in her 31st year of teaching in Mineral Point and has taught fourth grade and second grade. The majority of her time has been spent teaching fifth grade. Judy has served on numerous committees and in leadership roles during her tenure.

Claudia B. Smith Cournoyer
BS 1986 — Elementary Education
After running the Durand, Wis., Alternative Education High School program and GED program, Claudia returned to the Eau Claire Academy taking the position as lead teacher of the secondary education program. Claudia works with public school students grades 9-12 from five surrounding districts in the Eau Claire, Wis., area. As an all-inclusive teacher in a classroom, Claudia is responsible for preparing a wide variety of curricula in all high school courses comparable to that of the students' home public schools. Claudia received her alternative education teaching license via UW-Milwaukee three years ago.

Kim Hlavacek Suhr
BS 1987 — Education, English
Kim was appointed to the Wisconsin Writers Association Board of Directors, an organization founded by UW-Madison Professor Robert Gard in 1948 as the Wisconsin Rural Writers Association. In addition, Kim’s work has been published in a variety of publications, most recently: "Wind the Fabric Tighter," published in Family Stories from the Attic (Hidden Timber Books, 2017), "Our Hoyles" (Literally Stories, June 2017) and "Demise" (Fictive Dream, September 2017). Suhr is Director of Red Oak Writing, an organization serving writers through critique groups, workshops, events and creative writing camps.

Elizabeth Wiebe
BS 1985—Education, Social Studies
MS 1988—Curriculum & Instruction

Elizabeth currently works for the UW Medical Foundation, where she supports outreach and worksite wellness for Quartz Health Plan's employer groups. Additionally, Elizabeth teaches the capstone course for the Health & Wellness Management online degree program through UW-Steven's Point.

Brian Kersten
MS 1989 — Educational Administration
Brian says he is blessed to be engaged in his 25th year serving as principal of Waunakee (Wis.) Community High School and to have served as a public school administrator for 29 years. Brian adds that he feels very thankful that he had the opportunity to have learned from wonderful professors as he completed his master’s degree at UW-Madison and for the education he received. On, Wisconsin!

Mary A. Boyd
MS 1989 — Educational Administration
Mary retired in 2006 as the director of instruction in Sauk Prairie Schools. Mary is active with PLATO, Senior Learning Organization.


Fred Swanson
MS 1990 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Fred is working at Madison (Wis.) West High School as a transition teacher for students with disabilities and facilitating a Community-Based Community Work-Experience program. Fred has been working at Madison West for 27 years and 35 years in the supported employment game.

Jenny Carr
BS 1991 — Elementary Education
Jenny has been promoted to a full-time librarian position at Middleton Public Library.

Elizabeth Liz Moeller Griesbach
BS 1991 — Elementary Education
Elizabeth is teaching fifth grade in Navasota, Texas. Elizabeth’s son is currently a senior at UW-Madison.

Mary Mullen
BS 1991 — Elementary Education
Mary has been working on a church history with three other church members to commemorate the 50th year of Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society in Madison. The history book will be published during this anniversary year 2017-18.

Ann Marie Boehme Hahn
BS 1992 — Elementary Education
Ann is the director of youth ministries at Divine Redeemer Lutheran Church in Hartland, Wis. Ann made this exciting career switch in the fall of 2017, after teaching at Elmbrook public schools in Brookfield, Wis., and Christian Education Leadership Academy in Pewaukee, Wis.

Alison Kiesling Price
BS 1992 — Elementary Education
Alison is the executive director of Busy Brains Children's Museum, and an emerging museum planned to open in 2018 in Lake Villa, Ill. It will be the first such museum in Lake County, Ill.

Glenis Benson
Ph.D. 1995 — Communicative Disorders
While teaching adjunct at Madison, Whitewater and Oshkosh this semester, Glenis continues with a private consultation and personnel preparation business. Glenis consults for and trains personnel to support individuals on the autism spectrum, as well as individuals who present with challenging behaviors. Glenis continues, every summer, with Camp AweSum, a camp founded 13 years ago for youth and families who experience autism spectrum conditions. While Glenis reports that she still adores Madison, she reports that her homeland of Canada looks better and better with each passing day.

Nicole Reuter
BS 1995 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Nicole has received a master’s in educational psychology from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, and a master’s in theology from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minn. Nicole received a board certified chaplain certification, and is working as a hospice chaplain.

Mary Ann Merz
Ph.D. 1996 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Mary is working as senior director of clinical excellence at the St. Patrick Center in St. Louis. In 2014, Mary was a candidate for Missouri State Representative. Mary received her MPH at Washington University in 2012.

Jamie Schmidt
BM 1996 — Music Education
Jamie is the music director and conductor for “The Lion King” national tour. After 15 year, the national tour closed at the end of July. The show is rehearsing for the new tour about to reopen in Syracuse, N.Y. It is refreshed, reimagined in certain places, and with a smaller footprint, it now has the ability to play smaller theaters in smaller markets.

Virginia Rose
MS 1996 — Curriculum & Instruction
As membership coordinator for Dane Buy Local, Virginia educates the public on the importance of supporting local independent businesses to create a sustainable, resilient and fair local economy. Dane Buy Local was at the forefront of prohibiting Amazon from establishing a presence on the UW-Madison campus. Virginia’s artistic endeavors include performance in the electric duo Half Rose Half Nelson, as well as participation in art showcases in the community.

Susan B. Custer
BS 1997 — Dance
Upon graduation, Susan established a small business known as Dancing With Care LLC., teaching children’s ballet and contemporary dance in the Madison area. Since graduation, Susan continues advanced life science studies as well as computer essentials and marketing skills. Susan works as an advanced medical service assistant and is in her 25th year of teaching children’s dance. In November, 2007, Susan was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma. November, 2017 marks 10 years of post-treatment and “cure” status. As an undergrad, a former UW-Madison professor of Susan’s, Claudia Melrose, once told her, “You are made of courage.” As a wife and mother of two children, Susan believes her UW-Madison experience helped her to have courage to push on, a backbone to face adversity, and perseverance to create balance in career, health and happiness.

Stephen F Murley
MS 1997 — Educational Administrative
Stephen is beginning an eighth year as superintendent in Iowa City, Iowa. Stephen says “it's a little lonely being a Badger in the land of the Hawkeyes!”

Allison Kirby
BS 1998 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Allison serves as the district grant writer for School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties in Irmo, S.C. She was the primary author of a recently awarded $13.7 Magnet Schools Assistance Program grant from the U.S. Department of Education. This grant will support the launch of four new magnet programs at the district to increase student academic achievement, student college- and career-readiness, teacher capacity, and socioeconomic and racial diversity in the district. This is the largest, single competitive grant ever to be awarded to the district.

Cindy Holzmann
BS 1994 — Education, French
MS 1999 — Counseling

Cindy was appointed as the associate director of academics and inclusion for Residence Life at UW-Madison in March 2017. In this role, she provides oversight to the 10 residential learning communities, academic initiatives including tutoring and advising in the halls, and inclusion initiatives to bring cultural competency programs to all residents and provide a welcoming environment to historically marginalized populations.

Tiffany Schupmann Moon
BS 1999 — Elementary Education
Tiffany has been teaching in her hometown for the last 18 years in the Wayzata School District, located in the Twin Cities. Seventeen of those years have been kindergarten and first grade.

Elias Mpofu
Ph.D. 1999 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Elias has worked as a professor and head of discipline of rehabilitation counseling at the University of Sydney the past nine years. Elias has now moved to the University of North Texas with the position of professor and doctoral program coordinator for the Health Services Research program in the College of Health and Public Service.

Todd Alan Price
MS 1995 — Curriculum & Instruction
Ph.D. 1999 — Curriculum & Instruction

Todd was recently invited to chair the American Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies (AAACS) conference committee. In this capacity, Todd is receiving and reviewing proposals for the 2018 AAACS Annual Conference.

Rob Vitense
BS 1999 — Kinesiology
Rob transferred schools within his Minnesota school district from Maple Grove Junior High, returning to Park Center Senior High to teach life fitness and other physical education classes. Rob is also coaching baseball at Maple Grove Senior High. Rob’s #badgershirtstreak will hit seven years on April 9, 2018.


Pedro R Albiter
BS 2000 — Education, Spanish
Pedro is a migrant labor inspector and is responsible for enforcing the Wisconsin Migrant Labor Law in southern Wisconsin. Pedro has worked for the Department of Workforce Development since 2001. He also is president and founder of LUCES (Latinos United for College Education Scholarships), which advocates for Latinos in higher education through scholarships and mentoring programs. Visit:

Robert J Herman MS 2000 — Educational Administrative
Since Robert’s undergraduate graduation, he has spent most of his years in Catholic educational institutions, namely Catholic Memorial High School, Marquette High, and Marquette University. Robert served for 15 years as the assistant principal and six years as the athletic director at his alma mater. Robert has been deeply inspired by his faith and strongly motivated by his UW-Madison education.

Rosenblith alum update

Kathleen Forslund

Ph.D. 2002 — Educational Administration
Since her retirement as an adjunct research instructor at Viterbo University in La Crosse, Wis., Kathleen has written and published a book title, “Lessons I Never Wanted to Learn: Surviving the Death of a Child.” The book can be found on Amazon.

Bobbi Gillitzer
BS 2002 — Social Studies Education
Bobbi is in her 15th year teaching advanced placement U.S. history and sociology at Central High School in La Crosse, Wis.

Scheib alumni update

Terese Weiler
BS 2002  — Elementary Education
This summer Terese completed the licensure for gifted and talented coordinator. She is currently the gifted and talented instructional coach for the Fond du Lac (Wis.) School District.

Darylann Whitemarsh
Ph.D. 2002 — Adult Learning
Darylann teaches full-time in the Doctoral Department at Concordia University in Portland, Oregon.

Mary Jane Best
MS 1993 — Educational Administration
Ph.D. 2003 — Educational Administration

Mary Jane Best is currently employed as the director for the higher learning concentration of the Ed.D. doctoral program for Edgewood College in Madison. She recently co-authored a chapter in "Student Culture and Identity in Higher Education" ISBN13: 9781522525516. Published in March of 2017. The Chapter is titled, "Institutional Culture and Identity: Dominican Ethos and Leadership Identity Development".

Jill Baker Gower
BS 2003 — Art
Jill had a solo exhibition at Ombre Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio, in September of 2017. She also just launched a new collection of fine jewelry, which is handcrafted from ethically sourced materials, including fair-mined gold and Canadian diamonds. Jill believes that jewelry should be lived in; each piece is comfortable, sentimental, and created to be passed on for generations.

Susan Borden
Ph.D. 2004 — Educational Leadership
Susan reports that Badgers in Doha, Qatar, are a small group so they have welcomed all Wisconsin natives who celebrate Bucky! She reports that the group’s desert camping, paddle boarding in the Persian Gulf, luncheons and little bit of work “keep us all busy as we all continue to prepare for the World Cup in 2022 and play a role in the rapid evolution of Qatar.”

Donald Fraynd
Ph.D. 2004 — Educational Leadership
Don recently sold TeacherMatch, a company he co-founded that helps school districts hire teachers in a research-based manner that focuses on their impact on student achievement. Now he serves on the board of Edlio, an education technology company that provides easy to manage websites, mobile apps, and parent communication technologies to schools. He is also working with other UW alums on educational technology startups that will help school leaders and promote innovative community-based curricular approaches. Don was recently honored by being featured in the UW Alumni Park.

Tricia Igwe
BS 2004 — Elementary Education
Tricia spent four years in the regular classroom but this year is her 10th year as a school librarian/media specialist.

Philippe J. Verpil Jr.
BM 2004 — Music Education
In July, Phillippe accepted the position of assistant dean for recruitment and diversity within the College of Music and Dramatic Arts at Louisiana State University. Phillippe also earned the Gerald Paetsch Academic Advising Award from DePaul University, his former employer, at the start of the semester. Phillippe and his family are living in Baton Rouge, and are enjoying life in Louisiana. He reports, “We still follow our Badgers and wear our red every game day.”

Timothy J. Schaid
Ph.D. 2005 — Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Timothy is the executive director of the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA). Prior to his appointment at WSMA, Tim was in Pk-12 public education for 33 years, 24 of those years as a high school building principal.

Heather Hamilton Orth
MS 2005 — Educational Psychology
Heather has taught at elementary, middle, and high school levels in German and ESL since receiving teaching credentials from UW-Madison. In June 2017 Heather was appointed by the Milwaukee Archdiocese's Archbishop Jerome Listecki to the founding board for the newly formed Siena Catholic School System in Racine, Wis. This is a collaboration of six Catholic schools and 10 parishes. Heather is also chairperson of the Education Committee.

Pamela Lang
BS 2005 — Kinesiology
Pamela became an assistant professor of orthopedics at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, where she specializes in pediatric orthopedics and sports medicine.

Kevin W. Reitman
BS 2007 — Education, Natural Science
Kevin is currently the technology coordinator at St. Monica School in Whitefish Bay, Wis. Kevin has also launched his own educational consulting business called Reitman Education Solutions where he will work directly with teachers, administrators and districts to train, support, and coach them to better incorporate 21st century learning across all content areas.

Timothy Patrick O'Brien
Teaching Certification 2007 — German
Timothy is a substitute teacher for the Fort Atkinson, West-Allis Milwaukee, Sun Prairie and Oconomowoc School Districts in Wisconsin, after teaching Spanish in the Racine School District. Before that, he was a substitute teacher in Des Moines, Iowa, and a middle school Spanish teacher in Carlisle, Iowa. He also taught ESL at Iowa Central Community College, and German at Ford Dodge High School for five years immediately after becoming certified to teach public schools from the UW-Madison.

Stephanie Elizabeth Beckman
BS 2008 — Education, French
Stephanie works full-time at Madison College as an instructor in the Bridge Program. Stephanie is also a mentor for Madison College's Scholars of Promise Program and a facilitator for racial justice and equity training on campus. This fall, Stephanie began a doctorate in international psychology with a concentration in organizations and systems at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology.

Sol Grosskopf
BS 2009 — Education, History
Sol was appointed Air National Guard Chaplain to the 115th Fighter Wing at Truax Field in Madison.

Sasanehsaeh Pyawasay
MS 2009 — Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Sasanehsaeh recently graduated with a Ph.D. in organizational leadership policy and development, with an emphasis in higher education, from the University of Minnesota. Sasanehsaeh’s dissertation topic is “Modern Day Boarding Schools.”


Charleston alum update

Sarah Depaoli
Ph.D. 2010  — Educational Psychology
Sarah was promoted to associate professor of quantitative psychology at the University of California, Merced.

Matthew Knoester
Ph.D. 2010 — Curriculum & Instruction
Matthew started a new position as an associate professor of educational studies at Ripon College this fall. He also co-authored a book with Deborah Meier title, “Beyond Testing: 7 Assessments of Students and Schools More Effective than Standardized Tests” (Teachers College Press).

Mick Krueger
MS 2011 — Educational Psychology
Mick relocated to Sun Prairie Area School District in August of 2015 as a fourth grade teacher at CH Bird Elementary. In his short time, he has been a part of the district handbook committee, Title One building representative, Sun Prairie Education Association Executive Board and is currently pursuing his degree in administration. Mick has also joined forces with his colleague to take on implementing a fourth/fifth grade multi-age classroom, which is currently the district's only multi-age classroom. Mick values the importance of continued education and hopes to continue to build that among his students and colleagues in his various roles, and UW-Madison has helped make that possible.

Leanna Linzell
BS 2010 — Rehabilitation Psychology
MS 2013 — Occupational Therapy

Leanna moved from Chicago to Denver recently tor a change of scenery and will be working at the Colorado Children's Hospital as a pediatric hand therapist. Leanna passed the Certified Hand Therapist exam in the spring and is excited to combine a passion of working with hands with a love for working with kids.

Jordan T. Thevenow-Harrison
MS 2013—Educational Psychology
Jordan is living in New York and remotely finishing a Ph.D. in educational psychology from UW-Madison.

Allisen Johnsen
BS  2014 — Education, Mathematics
After graduating, Allisen flew to New York City where she worked in a New York City public high school through an AmeriCorps program called Blue Engine. Allisen was a small group leader in a ninth grade math classroom, where she worked closely with three to four students at a time and prepared them for the New York State Regents Exam. At the same time, Allisen started graduate school at Relay Graduate School of Education in NYC, and graduated in September with a master’s in the art of teaching. This is now Allisen’s second year at a new school, a public high school in the Bronx. Allisen teaches 100 ninth graders Algebra I, and one class of Algebra II. Allisen teaches at an international baccalaureate school that provides students amazing opportunities for college readiness. Allisen reports that she currently has four Wisconsin banners in her room, and shamelessly plugs Wisconsin any chance she gets. Go Big Red!

Doua Kha
BS 2015 — Education, English
After graduation, Doua taught at a high school for a few years before returning to UW-Madison as a first year master’s student in the Curriculum & Instruction program, studying multicultural education. She is also the supervisor for the MCEA-Content Focus cohort enrolled in the elementary education program and also leads a seminar with the cohort. Doua was recently a part of an LGBT panel discussing her queer identity experiences and how folks can be allies to the LGBT community.

Bola Olaniyan
MS 2015 — Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Bola is directing the Wisconsin in Washington, D.C., academic internship program for UW-Madison, where students intern up to 32 hours a week while taking 12 credits of coursework. Bola teaches two courses and matches students with local alumni. Bola also takes them on site visits of organizations and tours of historical locations around D.C.

Alyssa Paolocci
BS 2015— Secondary Education
After graduating from UW-Madison, Alyssa was offered a job at Madison East High School. She has been working there for two years and is currently teaching psychology and advanced placement psychology.

Kyla Pilliod
BS 2015 — Elementary Education
After graduating, Kyla worked in the Madison Metropolitan School District as a substitute teacher. Kyla then accepted a job at Leopold Elementary teaching fifth grade in dual language immersion. Kyla is now in her second year of teaching and has become even more involved at school. Kyla says her students teach her every day.

Christopher Salem
MS 2015 — Educational Psychology
After working in the Madison Schools as a classroom teacher for six years, Christopher has just begun a Ph.D. program at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Christopher is in the Gevirtz Graduate School of Education in the education policy group. Christopher is beginning coursework and starting to work with an advisor on a couple of different research projects. Christopher is focusing his research on how community organizations, groups and policies affect student outcomes.

Victoria VanDoren
BS 2015 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Victoria graduated from graduate school in Chicago for counseling and art therapy this summer with a dual master's degree, and has since moved to Milwaukee. Victoria is working as an in-home therapist with Shorehaven Behavioral Health doing mental health counseling with children and adolescents. Victoria’s sense of bettering herself and those in the community is one of the values that she says she learned during her time at UW-Madison, which empowered her to strive for her career goals and continues to motivate her to see and spread the good in the world.

Angela Leigh Boushea
BS 2016 — Kinesiology
Angela is pursuing a master’s in health education at Texas A&M University.

Flowers alum update

Anna Flottmeyer
BS 2017 — Kinesiology
Anna is in a doctorate of physical therapy program at UW-La Crosse, and will graduate in May 2020.

Chandler Grenley
BS 2017 — Elementary Education
Chandler is currently living in Los Angeles and getting a master’s in teaching at the University of Southern California.

Lisa Hennessey
BS 2011 — Education, Mathematics
MS 2017 — Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Lisa is currently teaching math in Sun Prairie, Wis., taking on the role of department chair and varsity dance coach in addition to her teaching position. Lisa hopes to pursue an instructional coaching position or administrative position.

Mark Hollendyke
BS 2017 — Elementary Education
Mark is a sixth grade teacher in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Christopher Kirchgasler
Ph.D. 2017 — Curriculum & Instruction
This fall, Christopher began his appointment as assistant professor of curriculum and instruction at the University of Kansas in the Department of Curriculum & Teaching. Most recently, Christopher’s article, “True Grit? Making a Scientific Object and Pedagogical Tool,” was accepted for publication in the American Educational Research Journal.

Nicola Liss
MS 2017 — Rehabilitation Psychology
Nicola is now the program coordinator for the On Campus Transition program through the Arc Jacksonville at University of North Florida and has moved to Jacksonville, Fla.

Karla Manning
Ph.D. 2017 — Curriculum & Instruction
Karla is a full-time lecturer in the Elementary and Early Childhood Education Department at Queens College in Queens, N.Y. Karla is also the newly appointed director of the Big Buddy in which the Queens College students serve as academic and social mentors to children who are homeless in the Queens borough.

Adam Ross Nelson
Ph.D 2017 — Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
The Journal of College Student Development is publishing Adam’s manuscript titled, “Measure of Development for Student Conduct Administration,” in November of 2017. This fall, Adam is teaching Legal Aspects of Higher Education for the Department of Education Policy & Leadership at Marquette University.

Julia Rutledge
MS 2014 — Educational Psychology
Ph.D. 2017 — Educational Psychology

Upon completion of her Ph.D. (dissertation titled, “Measuring What Matters: How Noncognitive Skills are Captured, Stored, and Utilized in Personalized Learning Environments”), Julia accepted a teaching appointment with UW-Madison’s Learning Sciences program area within the Department of Educational Psychology, and is lecturing “EdPsych 301: How People Learn,” during the 2017-2018 school year.
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