Thank You, Wisconsin, for your support

Thank you, Wisconsin, for your support!

It’s the people of Wisconsin — via state funding and by sending talented students to our university — who have helped make UW-Madison great. The 72 counties of the state have sent UW-Madison their very best educators, thinkers, athletes, builders, scientists, leaders, reformers, writers, engineers and heroes.

It is the accomplishments of these remarkable individuals that have given the university its reputation as a world-class institution. For that, we offer the people of Wisconsin our deepest gratitude.

Here are just a few examples of people with ties to the School of Education who are being featured in the university’s Thank You 72 campaign. For additional examples from across Wisconsin’s 72 counties, visit:

Monica Gatzow: Florence County

Monica GatzowMonica Gatzow earned her degree from the School of Education in 1986. She said one lesson she learned is the value and richness of building personal relationships.

“I use that every day with students and with service agencies in the community, where you sometimes have to be creative because resources can be limited,” says Gatzow, who taught in Milwaukee, Grafton and Port Washington before returning to her alma mater in 1994. “Relationship building was a common thread woven through my whole experience at UW–Madison and in my career.”

Thank you, Florence County, for teachers who are fostering lasting relationships and improving education in rural Wisconsin.

Mark Tauscher: Wood County

Mark TauscherMark Tauscher is best known as a Green Bay Packers offensive lineman. He graduated from UW-Madison in 1999 and earned his master’s degree in educational administration in 2003. He also served on the School of Education’s Board of Visitors for three years.

Since his retirement from professional football, Tauscher has given time to many local charities, founded the TRIFECTA Foundation (Tauscher’s Reading Initiative For Every Child To Achieve) and co-owns Isthmus Publishing.

Although his football career had a slow start, he ended his UW career with a Rose Bowl win and went on to play 11 seasons with the Packers.

Thank you, Wood County, for Mark Tauscher, who continues to show that with passion and perseverance, great success is possible — on and off the field.

Jerry Apps: Waushara County

Jerry AppsJerry Apps earned his Ph.D. in 1967 from the School of Education. His stories helped shape our understanding of rural Wisconsin. And as a writing instructor, he urges others to remember their own history as well. Apps has written more than 35 books on rural history, 12 professional books for educators, and more than 800 articles.

Apps has combined a passion for speaking, writing and storytelling with his belief in the importance of the past to create a career and a body of work that allows every reader to discover the joys of rural life.

Thank you, Waushara County, for Jerry Apps, who has shared the richness of rural life with readers everywhere.

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