Class Notes for Summer 2017 Learning Connections

Class Notes for Summer 2017 Learning Connections


Jansen alum update


Susan Naimon Winebrenner
BS 1960 – Elementary Education
Susan is the author of five books about how to best meet the learning and social-emotional needs of two groups of students: those who are significantly behind and those who are significantly ahead of grade level expectations Her experience has convinced her that the learning needs of those in both groups are more similar than different. For these students to make consistent forward progress in their learning, it is essential that learning standards be differentiated. Susan's work demonstrates ways in which teachers can utilize those differentiated learning options when needed. Several of Susan's books have been in continuous publication for more than 25 years. She has conducted professional development experiences in 46 U.S. states, and several provinces in both Mexico and Canada. Today. Susan is still active in writing and coaching in-service teachers and administrators.

Poage update

Judith Van der Linden Ovitt
BS 1961 –English and Speech Education
Judith is a member of the National Board of the College of Education at the University of Arizona.

Sandra Rosen Holubow
BS 1963 –Art and Art education
As Sandra’s family grew up, she began taking art classes in different media: ceramics, painting in watercolors, oils and acrylics. By experimenting with materials, Sandra’s cityscapes were honored by the City of Chicago and State of Illinois, and she was given three grants for further exploration of collage. Sandra had a successful one woman show in a gallery, and her work has sold regularly. Sandra says it took her years to find the subject and materials that most inspired her but “it was a journey that was most creative!”

Dr. Jackson V Parker III
MS 1964 – English Education
Jackson has retired from a career in K-12 education, mostly public education. He worked as a high school English teacher, principal, central office administrator and as a district superintendent in Racine and Burlington, Wis. He also co-founded a 6-12 public alternative school, Walden III, in 1972, which still operates in Racine. Jackson also taught as adjunct at UW-Parkside, UW-Platteville, UW-Whitewater, UW-Milwaukee and UW-Madison. Her received a Ph.D. from UW-Milwaukee in urban education and urban studies. He conducted post-graduate work in leadership and organizational change and did consulting work nationally. He was chair of Professional Programs in Education at UW-Green Bay and an adjunct at Cardinal Stritch University in educational leadership. Jackson currently is on the Grants Committee of the Racine Community Foundation, and is a past board member and president of the foundation. He also currently is on the Advisory Committee for the College of Social Sciences and Professional Studies at UW-Parkside. Jackson also is the executive vice president, chapter 1123 of southeast Wisconsin, of Phi Delta Kappa. He’s also a member of the Educator's Hall of Fame of Southeastern Wisconsin. Jackson is married to Mary Ann Staupe and has three children and two grandchildren.

Beth Bronfenbrenner Soll
BS Dance –1965
In May/June 2016, in Bucharest, Romania, Beth created "Tribute to Iris Barbura," for eight dancers in honor of her childhood dance teacher. In December 2016, she premiered "IRIS" in New York City. In May 2017, Beth was invited back to Bucharest to re-create "Tribute to Iris Barbura" on new dancers, and to present this dance and the “IRIS” solo in Bucharest and then in Berlin, Germany.

Charlene Cape Brandl
BS 1965 – Education and Speech
MS 1966 –Behavioral Disabilities
After retiring from a career in special education in 2003, Char formed her own LLC and continues working as a facilitator for those who use typing to communicate. She has written a book about her early experiences with Facilitated Communication, "See Us Smart!," and gives presentations and training sessions when invited.

 Jerry Apps
Ph.D. 1967 – Curriculum & Instruction
Jerry’s latest hour-long TV documentary, “Jerry Apps: Never Curse the Rain,” aired on Wisconsin Public TV in March 2017. Jerry's newest book, “Never Curse the Rain,” was published by Wisconsin Historical Society Press in Spring 2017.

Karen Cofar Rabin
BS 1967 – Secondary Math Education
After a 37-year career as an educator – 21 as a secondary mathematics teacher, three as a middle school assistant principal and 13 as a middle school principal – Karen retired in June 2007. She currently volunteers in an elementary school, working with fourth grade students in the school's top math classes (the students will complete three years of math in two school years). Karen’s greatest compliment is that two of her wonderful students told her, "You are a really good math teacher!”

Kathleen Briggs
MS 1968 – Curriculum & Instruction
Kathleen continues to teach at the North Shore School for Seniors in Whitefish Bay, Wis.

Alice Esther Cohan Heiserman
MS 1968 – English Education
Alice is president of WriteBooksRight and has sold four books to major independent publishers for her clients. She currently specializes in nonfiction -- especially books dealing with corrections and memoirs.

Alvin Richard Lechleitner
MS 1968 -- School Administration
Alvin served as an elementary school principal in the Eau Claire School District for 33 years, retiring in 2002. He worked as an elementary/junior high teaching principal in Weyerhaeuser for four years prior to his tenure in Eau Claire. Alvin continues to volunteer at the middle and high schools in Eau Claire. Alvin and his wife, a retired elementary teacher, enjoy traveling; most recently to India, Thailand, China, Croatia and to Ireland this fall.

Richard Whinfield
BS 1949 – Natural Science Education
MS 1953 – Guidance & Counseling
Ph.D. 1969 – Curriculum & Instruction
Richard spent 37 years in education, first as a high school teacher, then as a state supervisor and assistant director of the state’s Vocational and Adult Department. He left that post to be associate director of the of the Center for Vocational Education at the University of Wisconsin. Richard ended his career as a professor of education at the University of Connecticut. He retired Wisconsin for 13 years, then moved back to Connecticut to be near his children, Now, at the age of 95, Richard lives happily with his daughter's family.

Timothy Donovan
BS 1969 – Physical Education
Timothy received a master’s in special education from the University of Arizona in 2000 and recently retired. Now living in Temecula, California.


Linda Braunschweig
BS 1972 – Elementary Education
Linda is a part-time reference librarian at with the Oconomowoc, Wis., Public Library.

Rollie Cox
MS 1973 – Curriculum & Instruction Business Education
A violin player starting in a fourth-grade strings program and continuing through his freshman year in the UW Symphony, Rollie picked up his violin again after a 45-year-break when he retired from a teaching position at Madison College. He moved to Palm Springs, Calif., and joined the Coachella Valley Symphony. Beginning his fourth season with the CV Symphony in the violin section, Rollie was recently elected to the symphony's board of directors.

Lee Bracken
MS 1974 – Counseling
As of May after 18 years, Lee has retired from Northeastern University in Boston. He was assistant head of resource and discovery services in University Libraries, where in recent years Lee worked on licensing of electronic resources and oversaw various print management projects. Lee reports his advanced degree in counseling helped him in all aspects of supervision.

Carole Dede
BS 1974 – Elementary Education
Dede teaches GED courses at a community agency and loves it. She says, “When you're in Milwaukee next time, giver me a call!”

George A. Goens
Ph.D. 1974 – Educational Leadership
Georges' new book, “It's Not My Fault: Victim Mentality and Learning Response-ability," will be published in August by Rowman and Littlefield. Last year, his eighth book, “The Fog of Reform: Getting Back to a Place Called School," was published.

Alan Paja
MS 1974 – Guidance & Counseling
Alan retired the end of March 2017 from the Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters, where he held the position of representative for the past six years. Alan oversaw staff training for member services, chased wage theft and did community organizing.

Stuart Rubner
Ph.D. 1974 – Guidance & Counseling
Stu moved from Whitefish Bay, Wis., in 2016 to Clermont, Fla. He is employed full-time at Groveland ACE Hardware.

Kathleen R. Trainor
MA 1974 – Educational Policy Studies
Graduation/Degree Year: 1974
Kathleen retired from SUNY Geneseo, web content manager for the Promote Geneseo! website and events. She volunteers with various town and county tourism initiatives, as well as occasional projects with students. Enjoying time with family.

Joanne Yatvin
Ph.D. 1974 – Curriculum & Linguistics
For almost two years, Joanne has been writing a blog about education named, "The Treasure Hunter.” It can be found at:, As a retired teacher, principal and supervisor of student teachers, Joanne was reading so much about our “failing schools,” poor student test scores, and low high school graduation rates that she felt compelled to find and write about the good things happening in schools around the country. Although she has found some instances of school success, innovation and creativity, and written about them, those occasions were rare. Mostly, Joanne has been reporting what she sees as wasted time, effort and money spent to improve schools, the greed and cruelty in the charter school industry, and the wrongheadedness of the leaders and “experts” in charge of education at the federal and state levels. In her writing, Joanne tries to make clear that much of what is being done in many schools is harmful to children and their teachers, and suggests better ways to go. Joanne reports that she intends to keep on blogging for as long as she can in the hope that more “treasure” will be created in some schools that she can spread to others through her blog.

Mark Coronna
MS 1975 – Counseling
As a globetrotting financial services marketing executive, Mark is focusing his attention and insight on the mid-market customers of Chief Outsiders, a rapidly-growing executive-as-a-service firm. In joining Chief Outsiders, Mark, who has accelerated revenues for enterprises globally in a storied, three-decade career as a chief marketer, looks forward to working with Chief Outsiders and helping companies employ transformational technologies such as digital, mobile, SaaS, and Internet-of-Things (IoT). His expertise helps businesses in the pursuit of accelerated business growth become more efficient and effective go-to-market programs, enhancing the customer experience, driving operational enhancements, and improving financial results. 

James Alexander Kelso
MS 1973 – Kinesiology
Ph.D. 1975– Kinesiology
Scott Kelso has been elected an honorary member of the Royal Irish Academy (HonMRIA), an honor given to only 38 scientists in the world. The RIA was chartered in 1786. He is a Pierre de Fermat Laureate (2007) and a recent recipient of the Bernstein Prize (2011) for his work on how the brain controls and coordinates movement.

Craig Thompson
BS 1975 – Science Education
Craig has just completed a fourth term, 12 years, on the Board of Education at Arrowhead High School, Hartland, Wis. Craig’s four children are now adults, with the youngest currently pursuing a psychology degree at UW- Madison. All graduated from Arrowhead High School.

Judy Youngblood
MFA 1975 – Art Printmaking
Judy has just completed a year-long project creating four color etchings at Flatbed Press and Gallery in Austin, Texas. The group is titled “Stormy Seas” and consists of “Cool Comes In.,” “Rising Swells,” “Unexpected Moon,” and “Turbulent Horizon.” The images can be seen at or at

Janet Ellen Norsetter
BS 1973 – Art Education
MA 1975 – Art
MFA 1976 – Art
Jan is showing “Recent Work” at Zazen Gallery in Paoli, Wis., through June 30, 2017. The show includes plein air paintings from a trip to Italy in October 2016 and paintings inspired by an art museum trip to Amsterdam and Paris in December, 2016. She is also showing paintings, rosemaling, and drawings in a show called "Interiors" at the UW-Madison Pyle Center with poets Donna Carnes and Blair Mathews.

Joan Killingsworth
BS 1977 – Elementary Education
Joan is finishing her 39th year as an educator. She has taught K-12 as a classroom and special education teacher in the past, but primarily as a reading specialist and literacy coach. Joan is currently working with kindergartners and says her forté is teaching kids that age how to read and write. Her biggest career change over the years was being trained in Reading Recovery in 1991. She reports it was then that she truly learned how to teach kids to read and write, and it altered the way she has worked with them for the past 25 years. Nothing. Says, Joan, compares to Reading Recovery training.  Work with Linda Dorn and Lucy Calkins has transformed the most recent schools Joan has been with as they've transitioned to the Workshop Model. Joan has taught in 16 schools in six states and 12 school districts, and it has kept her growing and interested in education. Forty years ago, Joan says she was asked why she wanted to become teachers. Joan reports: “I felt a little foolish just saying, ‘Because I like kids.’ Looking back over my career, I still stand by that comment today.” 

Laurie Ribbens Landgraf
BS 1977 – Behavioral Disabilities
After teaching for 35 years (21 of those in special education), Laurie retired in 2012. In 2011, she experienced the loss of her husband, who died after a texting driver hit him while riding his bike. Laurie says she used her teaching experience to educate driver's education classes about the hazards of phone usage while driving. She continues to educate herself and others about distracted driving.

Carol Beckmann
BS 1978 – Elementary Education
Carol is in her 31st year teaching third grade in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Dana Z Morris Jones
Ph.D. 1978 – Counseling Psychology
Dana has been teaching a course at the Federal Executive Institute in Charlottesville, Va., based on her recent book, “The Power of Difference: From Conflict to Collaboration in Five Steps.” Participants, GS-13 and above, work on applying the concepts to resolving the complex differences among and within federal agencies. The students are finding the approach to constructive conflict resolution quite useful, says Dana.

Timothy Lonsdale
BS – 1978 English Education
Timothy is wrapping up his second season as Unit Production Manager on "Stranger Things" for Netflix. The release date is Halloween.

Lauren W Mikol
MS 1978 – Educational Psychology
Lauren retired in June 2016 after 41 years working professionally as a school psychologist in the public schools and for a year in the middle, for the State Division of Corrections in adult prisons, serving young men through age 22 who had or needed IEPs for their education services based upon an identified area of disability. While working in the public schools, Lauren worked in the Sun Prairie Schools for five years and then in Madison Metropolitan School District after that, with the exception of the period of time in 1985 when she had been laid off and worked for the Division of Corrections. Lauren worked at all levels pre-K through high school over the span of her school psychology career. During her final year before retiring, Lauren also was a contracted evaluator for UW Athletics, doing assessments for ADHD to help get the proper assistance for athletes with ADHD and to provide the documentation required by NCAA rules for ADHD medication the student may have been prescribed. Laruen reports she is now happily living in Austin Texas, where she is on periodic grandma duty. She is also finding volunteer activities that make use of her experience and expertise so she is in the process of getting trained and certified for volunteer, and eventually instructor, for Therapeutic Horseback Riding, and becoming trained as an advocate for juveniles who have entered the Juvenile Justice System in a program run by the county DA's office. Lauren do get back to Madison often to visit her other daughter who still lives there and to visit with dear friends, as well as to hear some great jazz. She is still exploring the jazz scene in Austin and finds it is not as well developed/established as the jazz scene in Madison is. She hopes to assist the local jazz musicians in creating their own organization like the one in Madison, the Greater Madison Jazz Consortium, as a vehicle to build the local jazz scene in Austin like GMJC has done in Madison. All of this should keep Lauren quite busy, she reports.

Patricia A. Edwards
Ph.D. 1979 – Curriculum & Instruction/Reading Education
Dr. Edwards' Teachers College Press Book, “New Ways to Engage Parents: Strategies and Tools for Teachers and Leaders, K-12,” is the winner of the 2017 Delta Kappa Gamma Educators Award. The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International was founded May 11, 1929, at the Faculty Women’s Club at the University of Texas, Austin. The founders believed that there was need for an organization in which women educators might be united for efforts toward better professional preparation, recognition of women’s work in the teaching profession, and scholarships for those needing aid in improving their professional preparation. Dr. Edwards will receive her $2,500 award at the Northeast Regional Conference in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, July 12-14, 2017. She will speak briefly about her work, sell and sign her book, and participate in a breakout session.

James L. Stull
BS 1979 – Education
After 22 years of service to the University Of Wisconsin, Jim has retired with emeritus status.

Anne Marie Tristan
BM 1979 – Music Education
Anne Marie is board vice chair of AYUDA Miami. This non-profit helps improve the lives of children and families who are underserved or at risk in Miami through education, life skills training and programs that support self sufficiency. She also tutors English and math, and teaches piano and art.


Diane Johnson Burns
BS 1980 ­– Education
Diane completed and received recertification as a National Board Certified Teacher in language and literacy.

Herrmann update


Doug Buehl
MS 1981 – Literacy
The second edition of Doug’s book, “Developing Readers in the Academic Disciplines,” was published by Stenhouse in June. The fourth edition of “Classroom Strategies for Interactive Learning” will be published in 2017 by Stenhouse as well. Both books were developed previously for the International Literacy Association.

Daniel Wright
BS 1981 – Elementary Education
Daniel is currently an elementary school principal in the Stockton (California) Unified School District. In November 2016, Dan was also elected to the Stockton City Council, receiving over 45,000 votes. Stockton (Population 320,554) is the 13th largest city in the state of California and the 62nd largest city in the United States.

Lori Koontz Constable
BS 1982 – English Education & Theater Arts
Lori is finishing her sixth year teaching AP Lit, English 11, and three levels of theatre at Chanhassen High School in Minnesota after teaching in Sydney for 11 years. Besides teaching, Lori also produces theatre productions and coaches speech. Lori adds: “Oh, and I have awakened my latent UW-Madison spirit and now own a plethora of Badger paraphernalia.”

Jane Hamel
BS 1982 – Art Education
Jane has been teaching in Edgerton, Wis., as an elementary art teacher since 1997. She teaches grades K-5 and enjoys it very much. Jane also received her master’s degree from UW-Whitewater, with a focus on curriculum and instruction. She also does free-lance drawing and painting during her spare time, and lives in Janesville, Wis., She is married and has two grown children and a dog.

Julie Olig Rentmeester
BS 1982 – Kinesiology/Physical Education
Julie works with American Family Insurance and leads corporate training rollout for new products and systems. This multi-year training project was comprised of blended modalities including: self-study product knowledge modules, "expert talk" videos, classroom training, system simulations, and state-specific variances via e-magazine articles. The curriculum integrated the company's customer "Dreams" campaign and story-based learning. There were over 22,000 classroom completions across learning audiences from: sales, claims, underwriting, and customer service teams in 19 states. The program won Brandon Hall's international HCM Excellence Award for Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy.

Jeff Anderson
BS 1983 – Kinesiology Exercise Physiology
Jeff is an associate professor and has been the director of Clinical Education for the Respiratory Care program at Boise State University for the past 31 years. He received the Golden Apple Award from the College of Health Science in spring 2017. The Golden Apple nominations come from students, and one award is presented for each of the nine colleges in the university, and recognizes outstanding teaching and service to students.

Christine M. Benson
BS 1983 – English Education
Christine was selected to the Super Lawyers list for 2016, which appeared in the Super Lawyers and Milwaukee Magazines.

Dee Boyle-Clapp
BS 1983 – Art History & Art
Dee is director of the Arts Extension Service and co-author of the “Greening Your Arts Nonprofit” chapter in the sixth edition of “Fundamentals of Arts Management.” Dee will be presenting on sustainability and the arts with Ian Garrett of The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts, Toronto, and Ben Twist, executive director of Carbon Trust Scotland at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland, at the Association of Arts Administration Educators' conference.

Ana M. Brown
MS 1983 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Ana is a former student services administrator at Reed College & Portland State University, and dean at Bowdoin College. She worked with children with autism and now teaches technology to students kindergarten to fifth grade.

Margaret Lechner
MS 1983 – Physical Education
Margaret is facilitating Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) in a variety of settings and training the next generation of leaders. Near home, she coordinates the program at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and also works at Sing Sing and Attica. Internationally, Margaret is on the planning team for the November 2017 world gathering in Nepal.

Kristine M. Hallisy
BS 1984 – Physical Therapy
Kristine is happily employed in the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at UW-Madison. “Yes, once a Badger, always a Badger. On Wisconsin, Hally #23,” says Kristine.

Debbie Rabin
BS 1984 – Dance
Playtime Productions, a non-profit children's educational theater in Dane County, is celebrating 30 years. Debbie is proud to serve as the resident choreographer for three decades.

Mark Tryon
BS 1984 – Physical Education & Exercise Specialist
Mark has been teaching the Quest for Authentic Manhood course to inmates in the Fond du Lac County Jail.

Patricia David
BS 1987 – Elementary Education
Patricia is an ELL teacher with the Wausau (Wis.) Public Schools.

Theodore Hirschfeld
BS 1987 – Kinesiology/Athletic Training
Ted has been an athletic trainer just over 28 years and is coming up on his third year as an athletic trainer with Carolina Family Practice & Sports Medicine (Carolina Sports Concussion Clinic) as part of Duke University Health System. Ted says he is enjoying all the awesome scenery that North Carolina has to offer.

Nancy Kuehl Lockwood
BS 1987 – Special Education
Nancy just finished 30 years teaching kids with cognitive disabilities, 26 of those years in Menomonee Falls, Wis.

Keri Butkevich
BS 1988 – Music Education
Keri is celebrating five years as executive director for the Oakland Youth Chorus, a comprehensive K-12 choral organization bringing year-long multicultural music education and choral training and performance programs to 1,000 students throughout Oakland and the San Francisco east bay each year. The chorus commissions diverse local composers and lends their voices to support close to 50 school, civic and community events each season. They have recently toured in Seattle and New Orleans, and finished a recording project with Stellium Music that brought local musicians together to support the fight against child trafficking.

Marjorie Pomper
Ph.D. 1989 – Curriculum & Instruction
Marjorie began offering a program based on forest bathing, mindfulness meditation, loving kindness and gratitude practices called “Well Being in the Woods" in partnership with Northside Hospital Cancer Support and the Chattahoochee Nature Center in Roswell, Ga.

Rachel Maciejewski Schlueter
BS 1989 – Early Childhood Education
Rachel has been an early childhood educator teaching for Milwaukee Public Schools for the past 28 years. She loves the students and the families that she serves. Since Act 10, Rachel reports that she has become more of an advocate for children and public education. She is an active member of the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association , Wisconsin Education Association Council and the National Education Association. She keeps busy with her family, work and advocacy.


Donald Lee Dentinger Jr.
BS 1990 ­– Education
Ronald is completing his second year as an assistant principal at Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas. He spent 25 years as a teacher and football/wrestling coach in the El Paso Independent School District prior to making the switch to administration.

Anne H. Palzkill
BS 1990 – Elementary Education
Anne is serving as president and principal at Edgewood Campus School in Madison.

Carol Abohatab
BS 1991 ­– Kinesiology/Dance
Carol has been teaching dance technique, choreography, and performance at three Bay Area colleges in San Jose, Calif., and has recently completed 100 hours toward a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certification. She continues to choreograph for color guard and has traveled to Malaysia, Thailand, Japan and Europe to do so.

Patricia Hoggatt
BS 1991 – Elementary Education
Patricia is the youth services librarian at Cambridge Community Library

Jeffrey B Krug
BS 1991 – Physical Therapy
Jeffrey is an associate professor of physical therapy and director of Student Activities at University of Missouri. Jeffrey received the William T. Kemper Fellowship for Teaching Excellence in 2014. He also was named MU School of Health Professions Department of Health Sciences Internship Supervisor of the Year in 2013, and earned an MU School of Health Professions Alumni Organization Outstanding Faculty Award in 2011. Jeffrey received the Division of Student Affairs Excellence in Education Award in 2009 at the University of Missouri.

Andrew McCuaig
MS 1991 – Curriculum & Instruction
Andrew’s short-short story “The Wallet,” which he wrote in his own creative writing class at Madison La Follette High School in 2003, was adapted into an opera by the Experiments in Opera company in New York. It was performed on Broadway in May 2017, along with five other short operas in the show "Flash Operas."

Dennis Pauli
BS 1986 – Elementary Education
MS 1991 – Educational Administration
Dennis currently is the superintendent of the Edgerton School District, where he has served in this role since 2010. In addition to serving as a superintendent, he recently began teaching courses in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at UW-Madison. Dennis has also recently become a consultant for McPherson & Jacobson, an executive recruitment and development firm that conducts superintendent searches. 

Jill Potratz
MS 1992 – Communicative Disorders
Jill has been accepted into the Linguistics Department's doctoral program at the University of Oregon and will begin pursuing her Ph.D. in the fall of 2017.

Barb Lein Reisner
BA 1971 – Social Work
MS 1980 – Social Work
Certificate 1992 – School Social Worker
Barb retired as home health, hospice, hospital social worker. She is a volunteer at the Coulee Region Humane Society, Onalaska, Wis.; Mayo Clinic Health System, La Crosse, Wis. Barb is also involved with La Crosse Area Celiacs Support Group.

Erika Stoker
BS 1992 –Elementary Education
Erika currently teaches a 4K class and owns a school-age childcare program in Evansville, Wis.

Michael Bartley
BS 1993 – Education
Michael has been a high school educator since 1995, and at Watertown High School in Watertown, Wis., since 2000. He has been married since 2002 and has two fantastic children.

Linda Rupnow Buzogany
MS 1993 – Counseling Psychology
Linda is a licensed professional counselor who has recently grown her private therapy practice to include treatment for psychogenic (non-epileptic) seizures. She is also lecturing in the Master's Physician Assistant Program at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colo., to implement empathy in the medical profession. Linda is the author of “The Superman Years,” about psychological aspects of illness.

Christina Diener
BS 1993 – Elementary Education
Christina has been teaching at Cedarburg High School for 10 years, after taking seven years off to stay at home with her three children. She earned her master’s in school counseling while staying home with her children.

Danah Opland Dobs
BS 1993 – Secondary English Education
Danah is proud to be in her 23rd year with Milwaukee Public Schools. She’s currently a district-wide support teacher in the Department of Organizational Development.

Martha James Hassan
BS 1993 – Kinesiology
In March, Dr. James-Hassan was elected to serve on the steering committee for the Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE), the branch of the National School Board Association (NSBA) that supports educational excellence in urban school districts across the U.S. She currently serves as the policy chair for the Baltimore City Board of School Commissioners in Baltimore, Md., as well as working as an assistant professor in the School of Education and Urban Studies at Morgan State University in Baltimore.

Gillian Blake
BS 1989 – Rehabilitation Psychology
MS 1994 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Gillian is a business owner and licensed massage therapist. His practice is at Why Knot? Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Patrick W. Nolten
MS 1991 – Educational Psychology
Ph.D. 1994 – Educational Psychology
Patrick accepted the position of assistant superintendent of assessment and accountability with Naperville (Ill.) Community Unit School District 203.

Paul Rux
Ph.D. 1994 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Paul currently teaches Ed.D. students online for Concordia University–Portland. He started teaching and designing courses and curriculum for online learning in 1998. Paul says he loves it. Last year, Cambridge University invited Paul to join its online research team to assess the global need for teaching critical thinking skills to workers to equip them for the new knowledge economy. In 2012, he accepted an invitation to join Rotary International and has been an active member since then. Paul says, “Rotary is really helpful when my wife Jane and I ‘snow bird’ in Florida for three winter months each year. .. Check out Rotary. It is really great!”

Robert J. Bulik
Ph.D. 1995 – Curriculum & Instruction
In April, Dr. Bulik received the Stephen Shank Online Education Faculty Recognition Award. The award recognizes teaching or mentoring excellence by a Capella University faculty member. Capella University is in Minneapolis, Minn. Dr. Bulik became involved in distance education with Dr. Ann DeVaney in 1985, and has attended the annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference as both attendee and presenter.  He also became involved in telemedicine at the University of Texas, supporting research and faculty development for clinical healthcare at-a-distance, and functioned as the vice chair with American Telemedicine Association Human Factors Special Interest Group. These professional experiences have provided the background for Dr. Bulik to be successful with students in an array of online learning environments.

Nicole Schmidt Reuter
BS 1995 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Nicole obtained her master’s in educational psychology from the University of Minnesota, Duluth, in 1997. She earned a master’s in theology from St Catherine's University in 2010, and obtained certification as a chaplain from the National Association of Catholic Chaplains in 2010. Nicole is working as a hospice chaplain for Centracare Hospice in St Cloud, Minn. Nicole is “ever grateful for the wise pedagogy of Professor Daniel Pekarsky.”

Chip Hunter
MS 1994 – Counseling Psychology
Ph.D. 1996 – Counseling Psychology
Following his “retirement” from academia, Chip continues to work for Doctors Without Borders, where he gets the coolest passport stamps in the world. At present he is the field coordinator for several mobile medical clinics in Northeast Democratic Republic of Congo, looking after South Sudanese refugees fleeing violence there. Chip’s wife Katie (MBA 2012) is also with Doctors Without Borders as a field administrator, currently at another project in Senegal. Chip says: “If anyone is in the Imbokolo area, please stop by for a beer!”

Jamie Schmidt
BM 1996 – Music Education
After six years as associate conductor with the national tour of The Lion King, Jamie was promoted to music director in July 2016, just after the visit to Madison's Overture Center in May. While on tour, Jamie has met and married his wife Nina, and had children Ethan, 4, and Remi, 2.

Clifton Tanabe
Ph.D. 1998 – Educational Policy Studies
Clifton recently named Director for Institutional Transformation at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. He was previously the director for the Hawaii Education Policy Center and then chief of staff at UH Manoa, and has served as a faculty member there since 2005. The new position involves leadership on campus-wide transformation and is especially focused on academic innovation, strategic enrollment management, integrated academic facilities planning, and strategic organizational structure.

Frances Vavrus
Ph.D. 1998 – Curriculum & Instruction
Frances has published a new book with UW-Madison Educational Policy Studies Professor Lesley Bartlett titled, “Rethinking Case Study Research: A Comparative Approach” (Routledge, 2017). In the book, the two describe, explain, and illustrate the horizontal, vertical, and transversal axes of comparative case studies in order to help readers, especially doctoral students, develop their own comparative case study research designs. The authors employ geographically distinct case studies —from Tanzania to Guatemala to the U.S. — to show how this innovative approach applies to the operation of policy and practice across multiple social fields.

Zak J. Domrath
MS 1999 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Zak was recently nominated by the Federal Executive Council of Central Iowa as Federal Employee of the Year. He has been employed with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program and specializes in working with veterans who have disabilities with the goal of helping them secure long-term employment. Zak specializes in working with veterans who have PTSD, orthopedic injuries and traumatic brain injury. He credits the education and internship experiences he received while attending UW-Madison for his success.

Dawnene Hassett
BS 1986 – Elementary Education
MS 1988 – Curriculum & Instruction
Ph.D. 1999 – Curriculum & Instruction
Dawnene reports that she is proud and happy to be a professor of literacy education at UW-Madison in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. She teaches undergraduate reading and writing methods, and runs the graduate program for reading teachers and reading specialists. Dawnene’s research is about professional development for teachers and visual literacy for young children.

Gordon Hewitt
MS 1996 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Ph.D. 1999 – Educational Administration
Gordon was recently promoted to associate dean of faculty at Hamilton College, where he has directed the institutional research program since 2001. He also recently co-edited an edition of “New Directions in Institutional Research,” which will be published this summer. 

Daniel John Krhin
MS 1999 – Educational Administration
Daniel is director of the U.S. State Department of Education's TRIO McNair Scholars graduate school preparation program hosted at Ripon College in a unique collaboration model with Lawrence University and St. Norbert College. Over the past 10 years of funding, 92 McNair Scholars who are first-generation and low-income and racially underrepresented, have been placed in graduate schools all across the United States, with 44 scholars in Ph.D. programs and 48 in master's programs at many prestigious.


Pedro Albiter
BS 2000 – Spanish Secondary Education
Pedro is currently serving as president of the LUCES Board of Directors. LUCES is a nonprofit organization with a mission to advocate and promote Latinos in higher education through scholarships and our "Raising Stars" mentoring program. Please help us to close the achievements gap by supporting our Latino students. For more information visit or email:

Tim Carlburg
BS 2000 – Art
Tim just completed building his new pottery studio in northwest Montana. His handmade growlers were recently featured in a six-page article in BEER Box magazine and had two other articles published in 2016 in Pottery Making Illustrated. One report was related to his growlers, the other on the importance of standing while working and ergonomics in the working artist' studio. Tim also won third place in the Glacier Start-up Weekend (sponsored by Google) and has subsequently and successfully begun manufacturing and selling the SwitchLift -- the pottery world's first and only patent-pending, ergonomic sit/stand work station. He has also led and organized the upcoming East Valley Potter's Tour and has been selected to become an artist coach for the state of Montana's MAP (Montana Artpreneur Program) beginning in 2018. More information can be found at:;; on FB@East Valley Pottery Tour

Cristina Gomez
Ph.D. 2000 – Curriculum and Instruction
Cristina is an associate professor of mathematics and education at Ithaca (N.Y.) College.

Alan J Rieck
Ph.D. 2000 – Curriculum & Instruction
Alan was hired by Penn State University as assistant vice president and assistant dean for undergraduate education in November 2016.

John Geittmann
BS 2001 – Secondary Education
After running a successful school fundraising company, John recently sold that company and moved to the Nashville, Tenn., area with his wife and four kids. They are loving the weather and southern lifestyle. John is currently a regional sales manager for Auto/Mate Dealership Systems, a company that sells software to auto dealers.

Jennifer Schmidt Richert
BS 2001 – Occupational Therapy
Jennifer has worked at the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab (formerly the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago) since 2004, spending most of those years in the pediatrics department. In 2015, she transitioned to the role of clinical manager at the Pain Management Center. There she has been overseeing all clinical and administrative processes for this outpatient interdisciplinary pain management program (including a team of physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, nurses, and administrative staff). In 2016, Jennifer was selected to participate in the Leadership Development Program for Managers sponsored by the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Ann Schulte
Ph.D. 2001 – Curriculum & Instruction
After a one-year sabbatical in Australia, Ann co-authored “Self-studies in Rural Teacher Education” (Springer) and has been mobilizing faculty at California State University, Chico to strengthen their partnerships with rural schools and communities.

Thomas J Wetter
MS 1997 – Kinesiology Physical Education
Ph.D. 2001 ­– Kinesiology
Thomas is a professor at UW-Stevens Point in the Department of Health Promotion and Human Development. He is also director of the Health and Human Performance Lab.

David Fulton
MA 1998 – Educational Policy Studies
Ph.D. 2002 – Educational Policy Studies
Last August David joined CareerWise Colorado as a curriculum designer. This is a non-profit tasked with enacting the governor's agenda of creating a statewide youth apprenticeship system based on the model in Switzerland. The team is working with businesses to create apprenticeships in areas such as information technology and insurance -- sectors not typically associated with apprenticeships. Learning about the Swiss system has definitely reshaped David’s philosophy of education.

Dr. Maria Gambaro
Ph.D. 2002 – Educational Psychology
Maria received her Ph.D. in the human development area of educational psychology under the guidance of the internationally known pioneer in the science of forgiveness therapy, Professor Robert Enright. Recently, Enright and Gambaro worked together delivering forgiveness therapy at Columbia Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison for men. This approach leads inmates to understand grave injustices that occurred in their lives that lead to criminal behavior and incarceration. As they begin to understand the connection between unjust treatment against them and deep emotional pain -- wounds which have led to anger, antisocial behavior, and a need for revenge -- forgiveness toward those who abused them reduces their rage, increases empathy, and lessens their motivation to continue discharging rage by hurting others. Gambaro and Enright are currently conducting a forgiveness study in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections that promises to change the face of corrections. It is their hope that forgiveness therapy will decrease behavioral issues within the prison, and reduce recidivism rates for those who release from prison into society.

Jen Gowers
BS 2002 ­– Elementary Education
Jen serves as the managing director of literacy for a Brooklyn-based charter network, Ascend Public Charter Schools.

Beth Handler
MS 1996 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Ph.D. 2002 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Beth is finishing her fifth year with the Clark County School District in Las Vegas. Next year she will move from the self-contained autism program to general education, seventh grade English/language arts. Her students will include mainstreamed deaf/hard-of-hearing students who will get the experience of having a teacher who can communicate with them directly in ASL; the first time we can offer these students this opportunity.

Kurt Buehring
BS 2003 – Secondary Education Chemistry
After UW, Kurt spent two years teaching chemistry, physics and math in East Africa with the Peace Corps. He has since been living in California and became licensed as a marriage and family therapist. Kurt and his family were thrilled to move back to Madison in spring 2017.

Dr. Myra Misles-Krhin
Ph.D. 2003 – Educational Administration
Myra recently retired from a full-time principalship and is working as a teacher candidate supervisor at UW-Oshkosh. Myra also works as a substitute principal in the Oshkosh Area School District.

Sara Urbanek
BS 2003 – Elementary Education
Sara teaches third grade at Edith Bowen Laboratory School (EBLS) in Logan, Utah. EBLS is a K - 6 public charter school located on the campus of Utah Sate University and is a unit in the Emma Eccles Jones College of Education and Human Services (CEHS). The school’s mission is to ensure high levels of learning for all elementary students, to mentor pre-service teachers through instruction and classroom-based experiences; and to review, conduct, implement, and disseminate educational research. It is only one of two school from Utah selected as a Blue Ribbon School in 2016.



Nik Hawkins
MS 2005 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Nik is now publications manager and editor of Grow magazine at the UW-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Alison Covert
MS 2006 – Counseling Psychology
Alison lives in the beautiful mountains outside Albuquerque, N.M., and works in a private group practice with colleagues she likes and respects. Alison says she is grateful to be doing work she loves and that teaches her something new every day.

Ronda Guidry
BS 2006 – Special Education
Ronda currently is working at Horizon Elementary School in Sun Prairie, Wis., as a cross categorical teacher.

Kristen Leigh Lindroth Kludt
BS 2006 – English Education
After teaching seventh grade English for six years, Kristen found a new vocation writing and speaking about spiritual practice. Her first book, “A Good Way Through: My Journey with God from Disappointment into Hope,” released in February 2017. A poetry-laden memoir, “A Good Way Through” invites readers along their own journeys toward hope in hardship through creative and contemplative practices.

Ka Yan June Lee
BS 2005 – Rehabilitation Psychology
MS 2007 – Rehabilitation Psychology
June completed a Psy.D. in clinical psychology at the Alliant International University and in 2015 she went on with her postdoctoral fellowship in Manhattan and she received her psychologist license from the New York State in August 2016. June is currently working as a clinical psychologist in downtown Brooklyn. She has been collaborating with a rehabilitation clinic and hospital by developing teaching materials and training on behavioral interventions to the teachers and students at the international schools in Shenzhen, China. 

William Adams
BS 2009 – Kinesiology Athletic Training
William is a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Connecticut where he has the responsibilities of acting as the vice president of sport safety at the Korey Stringer Institute. In August, he will be transitioning to a faculty position, where he has accepted an assistant professor position at the University of North Carolina Greensboro and will be taking the responsibilities of program director for the Athletic Training Program. William has had five peer-reviewed papers published in scientific journals in 2017 and has contributed to three chapters in a forthcoming edited textbook focused on maximizing safety and performance during exercise in the heat. He has recently participated in a sleep and wellness task force meeting hosted by the NCAA focused on the collegiate student athlete. William was also a recipient of the Caroline tum Suden/Frances Hellebrandt Professional Opportunity Award, which was given by the American Physiological Society.

Corrine Boyea
BS 2009 – Kinesiology
Corrine is in Washington, D.C., for a year-long neurological physical therapy residency program. She reports that it has been an amazing experience to live in the popular and historical city and work with such a diverse population.

Emily Brookhyser
BS 2009 – English Education
Emily announces the opening of The Prep Center in September 2017 on Monroe Street in Madison. She reports that owning and operating a local tutoring center has been a dream of hers for many years. She started out tutoring part-time during her years at the UW, and has grown from there. The Prep Center focuses on mentorship to help students to build academic skills and confidence. The center will offer individualized, one-on-one lessons with high quality tutors.

Samantha Cooper
BS 2009 – Secondary Science Education
Samantha worked in Milwaukee Public Schools for six years teaching a variety of high school science classes, primarily focused on biology. She received her master’s degree online from Concordia University while teaching in Milwaukee. In June 2015, she moved to California with her family and now works at Stanford University for the Human Biology program as the Course Support Coordinator. Being a high school teacher gave her the insight in the needs of an instructor and has helped her better serve the Human Biology program, which offers over 80 courses with faculty from all over the campus. With Samantha’s background in science education she is in a unique position to help faculty design and modify their courses.

Sierra Erdmann
BS 2009 – Secondary Math Education
Sierra received the Richard T. Lowery Educator of Excellence award this spring. She teaches seventh grade math at Washington Middle School in her hometown of Oconto Falls, Wis. She was chosen for this award for her superior performance by her peers of the Oconto Falls Education Association, and it was presented by the local Wisconsin Retired Teacher's Association.

Vincent Wan Shun WOO
MS 2009 – Educational Psychology
Vincent entered the seminary in Hong Kong after finishing his master's degree to study for the Catholic priesthood. After eight years of formation, he will be ordained a Catholic priest on July 29, 2017. Says Vincent: “Please pray for me!”

Shatina Williams
MS 2009 – Counseling Psychology
Shatina became a licensed psychologist in Washington, D.C., and Maryland. She subsequently started a private practice, Aya Psychotherapy, in Bethesda, Md.

Miranda Kathryn Zuhlke
BS 2009 – Kinesiology
Miranda earned a master of medical science from Mississippi College ub August 2013 and a master of physician assistant studies from UW-Madison in May 2017.


Chia Chee Chiu
MS 2010 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Chia-Chee has been appointed the middle school principal at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School in New York City. She previously served as the school's assistant principal for academic life for four years. She notes that her education and training through UW-Madison's ELPA department continues to serve her well as she focuses on continuing to serve the school's important mission. The Ethical Culture Fieldston School was founded in 1878 by philosopher and humanist, Felix Adler. He wrote that, “The ideal of the school is not the adaptation of the individual to the existing social environment; it is to develop individuals who are competent to change their environment to greater conformity with moral ideals."

Matthew Knoester
Ph.D. 2010 – Curriculum & Instruction
Matthew will become an associate professor of educational studies at Ripon College in August after seven years at the University of Evansville. He’ll also release a book in July co-authored with Deborah Meier and published by Teachers College Press, titled “Beyond Testing: Seven Assessments of Students and Schools More Effective than Standardized Tests.”

Michelle Schaub
Teaching Certification 2010 – Library Media Specialist
Michelle accepted a new position at Glacial Drumlin School in Monona, Wis.

Stacy Thompson
BS 2010 – Elementary Education
Stacy was named teacher of the year at Farragut Elementary School in Culver City, California.

Rebecca Toussaint Griffin
MS 2011 – Curriculum and Instruction
Rebecca has worked at Sun Prairie High School as a reading specialist/literacy coach since 2011. In 2013, she started working with the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) college/career readiness system with Sun Prairie students in grades 10-12. This summer she has been selected to speak at AVID Summer Institute in Minneapolis to share how the AVID program has changed the way she teach. Rebecca also is an adjunct faculty member with Concordia University.

Mark Clement Mleziva
BS 2011 – Secondary Education
Mark will be ordained a priest of the Roman Catholic Church on July 1, 2017 in the Diocese of Green Bay. He will then begin ministry at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Manitowoc, Wis., on August 1.

Brian Johnson
MS 2011 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Brian will be the next director of student services for the Mount Horeb Area School District starting July 1, 2017.

Amy LeFevour Rosewall
BS 2011 – English Education
Amy is in her fifth year teaching eighth grade English in Minnesota.

Taylor update


Jacki Whisenant
BFA 2011 – Fine Arts and Music
Effective science communication is an important part of ensuring that current research and discoveries are accessible to a wide variety of audiences, and now it seems more important than ever. Art speaks to everyone, and illustration is an efficient way of delivering information but also appealing to the senses. Jacki is currently finishing a graduate certificate in science illustration at California State University - Monterey Bay, and has a fondness for bats and beetles and things that might otherwise go unnoticed. She says she is grateful for both the artistic training from the art department as well as the scientific knowledge from zoology classes taken afterwards. She loves learning, and as an artist/educator Jacki hopes to inspire enthusiasm for science and the natural world.

Michelle B. Bass
Ph.D. 2012 – Educational Psychology
After spending the past 10 years in the Midwest, Michelle moved to the west coast in January 2017 to begin her tenure as population research librarian at Lane Medical Library at Stanford University's School of Medicine. She says it has been a pleasure meeting fellow Badgers in the Bay Area and she looks forwards to the first 9 a.m. PST football kickoff.

Sheila Jean Briggs
Ph.D. 2012 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Sheila was selected as one of 12 system leaders across the country to participate in the 2017-18 cohort of Broad Academy Fellows. The Broad Center website notes: “The Broad Academy engages with passionate, proven leaders dedicated to transforming school systems so every student receives a world-class public education. The Broad Academy brings together game-changing leaders who challenge, support and learn from each other as they develop innovative strategies to tackle some of urban public education’s greatest needs.” This intensive professional development program spans 18 months.

Erin Conrad
MS 2012 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
After years working in the Madison Schools and Sun Prairie, Erin is now principal at Kegonsa Elementary in Stoughton. She is building a school that embraces inquiry based practices. She says she is grateful for the colleagues and professors who have made such an impact on professional life. Come and visit us, says Erin.

Andrew I. Epstein
Ph.D. 2012 – Educational Policy Studies
After earning his Ph.D., Andrew spent four years working for international development and humanitarian aid organizations as an independent consultant conducting evaluations of foreign aid projects in Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Palestine/West Bank, and Vanuatu. In January of 2016, he accepted a full-time position with the Washington D.C.-based research consulting firm, Social Impact, Inc. as senior education and evaluation technical specialist. He lives in Iowa City, Iowa.

Brianna Pilling
BS 2012 – Kinesiology
Brianna graduated from Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine and will begin her residency in family medicine at the Mayo Clinic this summer.

Erich Pitcher
MS 2012 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Erich went on to earn a Ph.D. and recently received the AERA Division J Outstanding Dissertation Award for their work that increases knowledge about how organizations shape the experiences of transgender faculty.

Jodi Searl
Ph.D. 2012 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Jodi was promoted to be the director of Harley-Davidson University. Jodi is responsible for the teams that design, develop and deliver technician and business training for the global Harley-Davidson dealer network.

Hannah Sutter Balke
BS 2013 – Athletic Training
Hannah recently received her degree as a Doctor of Physical Therapy as part of the Class of 2017 at UW-Madison. In addition to beginning her new career as a physical therapist, she continues to provide athletic training services in the greater Madison area for UW-Health Athletic Training Outreach as an independent contractor.

Terrance L. Green
Ph.D. 2013 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Terrance received the Division A 2017 Early Career Award from the American Educational Research Association (AERA).

Shannon McNierney Skoff
Teaching Certification 2013 – Secondary Science Education
Shannon is currently working in an elementary school as the science specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area. She gets to see fourth to sixth graders every week to work on science projects in the school garden and on engineering challenges.

Karen Gamble Gussert
BS 2014 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Karen is celebrating 28 years of working at Madison Area Rehabilitation Center in supported employment and continues to be grateful for her education at UW-Madison.

Shawn Tipple
BS 2014 – Kinesiology
Shawn finished two half-Ironman Triathlons, a marathon and Ironman Wisconsin in 2016. He proposed to my now fiancé at the end of the Ironman Wisconsin race. He was accepted to Marquette University School of Dentistry and will start Fall 2017.

Lauren Anderson
BS 2015 – Kinesiology
Since graduation, Lauren has moved to Minnesota and is working as a nursing assistant at a local hospital. This fall of 2017, she will be pursuing her dream of becoming a nurse while attending DePaul University in Chicago for the Master's in Generalist Nursing Program.

Dan Chen
BS 2015 – Kinesiology
Dan finished his third semester of physical therapy school -- with six more to go -- at the University of Pittsburgh.

Sharon L. Contreras
MS 1996 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Ph.D. 2015 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
On August 22, 2016, Dr. Contreras became the superintendent of the Guilford County Schools in Guilford County, N.C. This district is the 47th largest in the United States, serving 73,000 students in 127 schools across 650 miles. Education Week did a special feature on Dr. Contreras focused on women in the superintendency.

Brian Hanson
BS 2015 – Athletic Training
Brian is a graduate student at West Virginia University and just completed his first year in the Masters of Science Post Professional Athletic Training program. He also works full time as a graduate assistant athletic trainer through the university.

Megan Hebert
BS 2015 – Elementary Education/ESL
Megan is an ESL Teacher in the Mounds View School District in Shoreview, Minn. She teaches at two schools, an elementary school and a middle school. Megan works with students in grades 1-8 who have a home language other than English. There is a wide range of first languages represented in her schools, including: Korean, Somali, Vietnamese, Spanish, and 15-plus more languages. There are daily challenges and constant miscommunications, says Megan, but the work is extremely rewarding in the long run. On Wisconsin!

Kara Krugel
BS 2015 – Kinesiology
Kara will be returning to UW-Madison this fall to start the PharmD program.

Katherine Liu
BS 2015 – Kinesiology
Katherine is at Washington University in St. Louis. She is pursuing a School of Medicine Doctor of Physical Therapy with the Class of 2019.

Louis Menchaca
BM 2015 – Music Education
Louis is in his second year teaching band and orchestra in the Racine Unified School district at the elementary and middle school levels. He also performs with the Belle City Brassworks, a semi-professional British-style brass ensemble that performs around Southeastern Wisconsin.

Amanda K. Ochsner
MS 2012 – Curriculum & Instruction
Ph.D. 2015 _ Curriculum & Instruction
Amanda begins a new position as an assistant professor in the School of Education at the University of Findlay in August. There she will serve as an expert in qualitative research methods for the School of Education's Ed.D. program.

Allison L. Perlin
Dance Certification 2015
Allison is working for the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague, Netherlands. She researches evidence from the genocide and other atrocities committed during the wars in Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia in the 1990's. Additionally, Allison helps draft motions and replies for the Tribunal. She reports that it was always her dream to work for the UN and she’s proud to be a Badger. On Wisconsin!

Cristina Parente
MS 2015 – Curriculum & Instruction
Cristina is working as a field experience coordinator at Beloit College.

Dortch update

Brett Kaether
BS 2016 – Kinesiology
Brett is living in Barranquilla, Colombia, with another former graduate from UW-Madison Luke Cimino. The two are teaching K-12 physical education and health, as well as in charge of the athletic department at a school called Colegio Karl C. Parrish. The two are both in their first year and we have enjoyed it in many ways. Brett explains that the school and teaching aspects have been fantastic. Along with these, the cultural experiences, language, weather, and more have contributed to life changing thoughts and ideas. Coming from Madison, Brett says they were not sure where they would end up in the world teaching. Says Brett: “Here we are, grateful for the opportunity to use our skills and knowledge we learned at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to benefit and promote physical education and health in Colombia. What a blessing it has been so far. Thank you to all of those who have helped us get to this point in our lives!”

Joshua Choe
BS 2016 – Kinesiology
Joshua will be an entering MD/PhD student returning to UW-Madison starting in 2017. Go Badgers!

Anna Grassman
BS 2016 Kinesiology
Anna will be starting a Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at the University of Maryland-Baltimore in the summer of 2017.

William J. Henderson
BS 2016 – Rehabilitation Psychology
William is working for his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, as a leadership consultant. In this past year, he has been traveling to a new college campus every two months to expand the fraternity. William’s role is to recruit high-caliber men to the groups and then train and educate them on various operational tasks in order to be successful at their respective universities. He has been to the University of Missouri, George Washington University, Auburn University, and Seton Hall University. Prior to taking this job, William says he barely made it outside of the Midwest when it came to traveling. He enjoys the thrill of being in a new area of the country often and discovering local restaurants and attractions close by. However, he’s still wearing his red and white Badger gear on a weekly, if not daily, basis. Williams says he misses Madison and UW every day, but is so grateful for all the lessons both in and out of the classroom that have prepared him to take on the “real world.” 

Danielle McIntosh
BS 2016 – Kinesiology
Danielle is working in the Department of Kinesiology at TCNL. She has been working on clinical trials looking at the effect of cranial nerve non-invasive neuromodulation on balance in individuals with traumatic brain injury.

Carla Oppenheimer
MS 2016 – Curriculum and Instruction Secondary English
Carla is wrapping up her first year teaching English and ESL at West High School in Madison. Carla reports that this year has been full of both successes and challenges to reflect on, but she can say with confidence that she is swimming, not just treading water. On, Wisconsin!

Harun Serpil
Ph.D. 2016 – Curriculum & Instruction
Dr. Serpil currently works as the project assistant and interpreter for the president of Anadolu University, Turkey, and is keeping up his academic research at the same time.

Kyle Walsh
BS 2012 – Elementary Education
MS 2014 – Curriculum & Instruction
MS 2016 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
2016-17 marked Kyle's second year as principal of Pecatonica Elementary School, and he continues to learn while serving students, staff, families, and the community as an instructional leader. Only 40 minutes southwest of Madison, he's always looking for ways to get Pec on the map, leading for equity and supporting students and teachers in innovation.

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