Class notes for the Summer 2018 edition of Learning Connections

Class Notes for Summer 2018 Learning Connections


Joan Jones Woodbury
BS 1950 – Dance
MS 1951 – Dance

The Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company, which Shirley Russon Ririe and Joan co-founded while teaching at the University of Utah (1964), departed in early May on a month-long international tour to Mongolia and South Korea. Only two other U.S. contemporary dance companies were selected to represent the United States internationally. The Company is in the capable hands of CEO and tour manager Jena C. Woodbury, which includes artistic director Daniel Charon, six dancers and a technical director. They are all excitedly bound for an amazing adventure. The Tour is a partnership with the U.S. Department of State. Joan reports that she has had great luck to have been a part of a wonderful dance company, and there have been many people who have supported and helped her along the way, including her family. Joan attributes her understanding of the value of dance and its importance for the human condition, and therefore the world, to her studies with Margaret H'Doubler, Louise Kloepper, Shirley Genther and many other teachers at the University of Wisconsin. Also, Joan reports that nothing in her life would have been the same without the wisdom and aesthetics of such amazing artist/friends as Alwin Nikolais, Murray Louis and Mary Wigman.

James Ptaschinski
BS 1953 – Art Education
James, an art teacher in Watertown, Wisconsin, retired in 1990.

Kathleen Daly Cavanaugh
BS 1956 – Education & English
Kathleen just retired from teaching honors American literature and creative writing at Assumption High School at the age of 83, and reports loving every moment in the classroom.

Corinne Sue Wick
BS 1956 – Elementary Education
With 40 years of teaching behind her, Corinne retired only to volunteer in a second-grade class as a book reader. She has loved the connection with the children as well as once again reading children's literature. Corinne says she feels lucky to be doing this work and giving back at age 83.  She also is enriched by her work with “Mothertongue Feminist Theater Collective,” a readers' theater group of 40 years. She writes, produces and performs happily whenever possible. Corinne says she remembers her time at the University of Wisconsin with happy memories. On, Wisconsin!

Owen Newell Nelson
MS 1959 – Science Education
Owen recently finished two sections of Math 104B at the College of Southern Nevada. He is in the process of developing materials designed to prevent math anxiety in elementary schools. Owen adds that he is waiting to hear whether he’ll be back teaching remedial math at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas in the fall semester.


Linda Crawford
BS 1960 – English Education
Linda publishes a literary magazine for a Minneapolis K-6 school with a large population of free and reduced lunch students. Students write fiction and non-fiction pieces and edit them until they are publication-ready. The students also illustrate their stories/articles/poems, with the help of a professional artist. The magazine is free to everyone in the school, grades 2-6. Students who are published in the magazine get two copies. Linda says they publish all school-appropriate submissions.

Brooke Bulovsky Cameron
BS 1963 – Art Education
Brooke and her husband Ben Cameron were featured in a show of prints at a gallery in Columbia, Missouri. After having lived there for 50 years they report finally having some street cred and still selling. In retirement they continue to work and have both become docents at the Museum of Art and Archaeology at the University of Missouri. They travel when they can, traveling to Brazil last summer and just returning from the Big Apple.

James McMillin
BS 1963 – Physical Education, Recreation
James is busy in retirement as an active church major and driving for Uber. He was married for more than 48 years and widowed in 2014. James was a 1963 Rose Bowl team member. He says UW-Madison is the best!

Dr. Jackson V Parker III
MS 1964 – English, Education
Jackson is retired from education after a career that included high school teaching in Racine, Wisconsin, co-founding a school in Racine (Walden III), being an assistant superintendent, serving as superintendent in Burlington, Wisconsin, and then returning to Racine as an interim superintendent. He was the chair of the Undergraduate Professional Program in Education (teacher education), and co-founder of the Institute for Learning at UW-Green Bay. Jackson worked for several years as an adjunct at Cardinal Stritch University in the Master’s in Education Leadership Program and the Doctorate in Educational Leadership. He also provided freelance consulting on education and systems change. Jackson has taught graduate courses at UW-Plattville, UW-Whitewater and UW-Milwaukee, and undergraduates at UW-Parkside. He is currently president of Phi Delta Kappa Chapter 1123 of Racine and Kenosha Counties.

Richard Elias Markos
BBA – 1964 Marketing
MS – 1967 Business Ed

After years in education Richard grabbed the "reins" of a 100-year-old business, Markos Wholesale Apparel/wholesale and retail. The business has now operated for over 117 years and serves the La Crosse, Wisconsin, retail customer, operating within a 200 mile radius of La Crosse and serving retail stores, hospitals and educational institutions. Items for sale are a plethora of socks, gloves and caps, as well as a variety of domestics.

Lynn Mickelson
BA 1963 – Psychology
MA 1964 – Elementary Education

Lynn retired in 2011 after 30 years with Los Angeles Unified Schools. She earned National Board Certification in 2001.

Gayle Mindes
MS 1965 – Counseling and Behavior Disabilities
Gayle, a professor of education at DePaul University (Illinois), will retire at the end of this academic year. A faculty member for 25 years, Gayle served as associate dean, acting dean and chair of the Teacher Education Department. She is the author of “Assessing Young Children”; “Social Studies for Young Children: Preschool and Primary Curriculum Anchor”; and is an editor for Teaching Young Children with Challenging Behavior. Gayle is a regular presenter at the National Association for Education of Young Children Conferences and is a reviewer for Young Children. Prior to her career at DePaul, she served at Roosevelt University, where she was professor, chair of University Senate, and director of research and development for the College of Education. She also served as teacher for the Illinois Department of Mental Health, teacher and supervisor for Evanston School District 65, and teacher in Head Start and special education programs in Newburgh, New York. Gayle earned a bachelor’s in elementary education from the University of Kansas, and an Ed.D. in curriculum and early childhood (Erikson Institute) from Loyola University of Chicago.

Gillian Nevers
BS 1966 – Art Education
Fuller's Windy Acres Farm Press, owned by Gillian and Judith Bell Mayer, published “The Request,” by Susan Connors. “The Request” is a short story, drawn from real events, about a young Wisconsin woman in the early years of the 20th century who was unjustly imprisoned. It is a story of love, betrayal and deliverance. Gillian edited and Judith designed and illustrated the book.

Betsy Ross Stannard
BS 1966 – Elementary Education
Betsy retired after teaching for 35 years in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Jerold Apps
Ph.D. 1967 – Curriculum and Instruction
Jerold recently published “Once a Professor: A Memoir of Teaching in Turbulent Times,” and “Cold As Thunder.” He also completed a fifth hour-long documentary for Wisconsin Public Television titled, “One Room School,” which aired in March 2018.

Lonny Gordon
MFA 1967 – Dance, Choreography & Painting
Lonny Gordon was in Residence with Kanopy Dance from March to April of 2018. His two new dances were performed April 12 – 15 at the Overture Center. “Radiant Shaman,” a solo for Gordon, was a world premiere. “Benches” was shown as a preview and will be premiered in 2019. Original scores for both dances were created by Madison composer Thomas Powell and included original costumes of Thailand silk by Amy Panganiban.

Allan E. Hughes
BS 1964 – Education & Speech
MS 1967 – Science Education

Allan is retired.

Ken Haak
BS 1968 – American Institution

Carl Anderson
MS 1969 – Curriculum and Instruction
Carl volunteers for a local hospice, interviewing patients as they share their life story. A digital copy of the interview is given to the patient and/or their family. Carl also continues his musical interests through playing in the Neenah Community Band and recently in the UW Fox Valley band. He leads a weekly Bible study for a group of about a dozen adults. Carl and his wife have three adult children and five grandchildren.

Jack Tupper Daniels
Ph.D. 1969 – Kinesiology
Jack was inducted into the "Peninsula Sports Hall Of Fame” in April of 2018, based on achieving Olympic and World Championship Medals and being the USA National Champion on a couple of occasions in the sport of Modern Pentathlon (which involves horseback riding, épée fencing, pistol shooting, swimming and running). The "Peninsula" referred to is the San Francisco Peninsula, where he lived from age 1 to 17. His book on running (“Daniels Running Formula”), is now available in Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Polish and French.

Delmar Janke
Ph.D. 1969 – Curriculum & Instruction
Delmar was a professor at Texas A&M University for 30 years. He then joined American Airlines as a flight attendant (so he could have flight privileges for life).

Lauren Lazar Louer
BS 1969 – Elementary Education
Lauren has been working at Deloitte & Touche, a professional services company, since 2002. She was an elementary school teacher in Montgomery County, Maryland, from 1969 to 1979. Lauren moved to Chicago and started her own personal services company and was the first in the Chicago-land area to start this business. She loved running her own business but decided to move into the financial services industry. Lauren has been in that industry since 1991.

Ronald A. Smith
Ph.D. 1969 – Physical Education
At age 82, Ronald is still using his Wisconsin education to research and write about intercollegiate athletics. His new book will be published in summer 2018 and is titled “Nailed to the Crossbar: From the NCAA-Penn State Consent Decree to the Joe Paterno Family Lawsuit.” Its focus is on the illegality of the NCAA consent decree when the NCAA broke its own Constitution and Bylaws in giving the most severe penalties in its history.


Nancy Shores Karlebach
MS 1971 – Education
Since retirement from Bridgehampton UFSD (New York) in 2005, where she was a special education teacher, Nancy has taught part-time doing home instruction and resource room. She has also served as instructional consultant to the Bridgehampton (New York) Child Care Center.

Susan Mossman
BS 1972 – Elementary Education
Susan is babysitting grandchildren.

Marilyn Zelke Windau
BS 1972 – Art Education
Marilyn recently had her fourth book of poetry published. "Hiccups Haunt Wilson Avenue," was released by Kelsay Books this spring. She is a docent at the John Michael Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and a master gardener volunteer in Sheboygan County.

Kimberly Young
BS 1972 – Communicative Disorders
Kimberly loved being a speech pathologist and a special education coordinator, but loves retirement even more! Kimberly has enjoyed traveling and gardening since retiring in 2007.

William Brescia
MS 1973 – Curriculum & Instruction
William works for the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians as an education planner. William spends lots of time writing, including funding proposals for education programs. William is currently working on a survey for tribal members about fitness and outdoor activities.

George A. Goens
Ph.D. 1973 – Educational Administration
George’s new book, titled, “Civility Lost: The Media, Politics, and Education,” will be published in January 2019 by Rowman and Littlefield. This is George's 10th book. He lives in Connecticut, and his website is

Charles L. Slater
Ph.D. 1973 – Curriculum & Instruction
Charles, a professor of educational leadership at California State University Long Beach, has been selected to receive the University Achievement Award for Outstanding Faculty Impact Accomplishment in Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity.

Margit Gundlach
BSE 1974 – Elementary Education
Margit continues to substitute teach in Middleton, mentor former elementary students and teach middle school students who are preparing for religious confirmation. Meanwhile, Margit is also writing a memoir.

Don Marx
BS 1974 – Physical Education
After graduating, Don was hired by the Madison School District as an elementary physical education teacher. Don parlayed his leadership that he brought with him from the U.S. Army during the 1960s into coaching at Memorial High School in Madison. While Don has taught at many elementary schools, his favorite stop was at Crestwood Elementary School. Don finished his career at Glen Stephen's Elementary School, and retired after 25 years of teaching and 56 seasons of coaching. Don’s career as a varsity golf coach brought him many happy years with good people, and he was inducted into the Wisconsin High School Golf Coaches Hall of Fame in 2006. Don reports he is a proud UW-Madison alumnus.

Ruth Ticktin
BS 1974 – Education
News Description: tells an autobiographical experience of a connection between teacher and student.

Robert M. Buchanan
BS 1975 – Elementary Education
Robert continues to serve as the curator of the National Sport Heritage Collection in Madison. Further information about his work can be found at:

Mark Coronna
MS 1975 – Counseling
In February, Mark was named partner at Chief Outsiders, the top marketing and business strategy consulting firm in the United States.

J. A. Scott Kelso
MS 1973 – Kinesiology
Ph.D. 1975 – Psychology

Kelso, a recipient of UW-Madison's Distinguished Alumni Research Award in 1990, was inducted as an Honorary Member of the Royal Irish Academy in 2017. This honor is given to a small number of people in the arts and sciences who have had a major international contribution to their discipline but do not normally reside in Ireland. He currently holds the Glenwood and Martha Creech Eminent Scholar Chair in Science at Florida Atlantic University, where he founded FAU’s Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences, a multi-disciplinary research and Ph.D. training program that aims to blend the concepts, methods and tools of complex systems with the behavioral and brain sciences.

Harry J. Knopke
Ph.D. 1975 – Educational Administration
Harry had a 35-year career in higher education, with the last nine serving as a college president. Upon retirement, Harry was recruited to be president of Aqua Clara International, a non-profit NGO that develops and disseminates clean water technologies for those who live on less than $2 per day.

Richard O. Schafer
Ph.D. 1975 - Education Administration
Richard retired in 2015 after working 52 years in K-12, higher education and adult education. Retirement didn't last long, and Richard is presently assisting the international organization Jesuit Worldwide Learning by developing online courses to be offered in refugee camps around the world. Richard lives in Madison, is married to Heidi Schweizer (a Hawkeye) and their children live in the Madison area.

James A Rutledge
MS 1975 – Continuing and Vocational Education
James retired after 45 years as an Extension 4-H youth development educator. James now works part-time as a volunteer to coordinate Oklahoma's 4-H International Exchange Program.

Craig C. Thompson
BS 1975 – Science Education
This year, Craig was re-elected to the Arrowhead High School Board of Education in Hartland, Wisconsin. Craig has served since 2005 and loves playing a part in the excellence and growth of Arrowhead High School.

Patricia L Anders
Ph.D. 1976 – Curriculum and Instruction
Patricia is retiring after 42 years from an academic career at the University of Arizona in the Teaching, Learning and Sociocultural Studies Department.

Dean Martell
BS 1976 – Physical Education
Dean was inducted into the Wisconsin Track Coaches Association Hall of Fame for accomplishments on the track when in high school and at UW-Madison (Big Ten Conference 3-mile champion in 1969).

Janet E Norsetter
BS 1973 – Art Education
MA 1975 – Art
MFA 1976 – Art

Jan continues to exhibit her plein air and studio paintings and rosemaling. She has a visiting artist show at River Arts Gallery in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, from July through September. She is an exhibiting artist at Art Fair on the Square, Madison, in July, and she is participating in six plein air events.

Bruce Bender
Ph.D. 1977 – Educational Psychology
Bruce is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Colorado Medical School, head of the Division of Pediatric Behavioral Health, and chief of pediatric neuropsychology at National Jewish Health. Bruce has run a research program for 35 years, and he said it’s based on what he learned as a graduate student at UW. Bruce’s current and largest NIH research grant aims to build a program for children with asthma living on the Navajo Nation, the largest American Indian reservation in the U.S.

Kristine Guderyon Goetz
BSE 1977 – Special Education
Kristine is an intern for the Literacy Network in Madison, and works with around 25 English language learners twice a week. Kristine is continually amazed at their commitment and eagerness to navigate their communities using a new language.

Michael Berg
BSE 1978 – Education
Mike is based in San Diego and works as an online job search expert, employment analyst and employability skills trainer. Mike’s background includes experience as a radio talk show host, Udemy instructor and as a feature writer for The Employment Digest. Mike is currently the Director of TheJobClinic and the author of “The Tectonic Shift of Employment: Why You Need to Get Customers, Not a Job.”

William C Bozeman
Ph.D. 1978 – Educational Administration
Bill continues to be “semi-retired” and enjoying life in Florida with his wife, Dee (class of 78.) Bill is a professor emeritus at the University of Central Florida. He retired in 2011 but remains active in his Florida and Tennessee consulting groups. His contributions to education and school leadership were recently recognized as he was honored with the Southern Regional Council on Educational Administration’s Lifetime Achievement Award. He also served on the UW-Madison School of Education’s Board of Visitors. Bill and Dee have two sons and two grandchildren.

Christine Ann Gowey
BS 1978 – Physical Education
Christine is a children’s books author, including, “The Adventures of Coco In Dinosaur Valley,” “Mother Grace,” “Moranda and The Mountain,” and “Zip and Zap Take A Nap.” She reports that book No. 5 is to be released soon, with all sales supporting her daughter’s non-profit, Dr. DNA.

Thomas J. Lundstrom
BS 1978 – Education/Broad Field Social
Thomas has served as counsel for Naval History and Heritage Command since 2015. He oversees the 10 Navy museums, Navy Library, and archive. From 2006 to 2015, Thomas provided legal advice to the assistant secretary of the Navy, and from 1997 to 2005, he served as senior counsel for Environment and Special Programs Naval Air Systems Command.

Judy Muenchow
MS 1978 – Women's Physical Education
Judy is retiring after 40 years working in the campus recreation departments at UW-Milwaukee, the University of Wyoming and Colorado State University. Along the way, Judy earned a Ph.D. and also held teaching positions in both undergraduate and graduate programs.

Robert Allan Stevens
MS 1978 – Education
Robert earned his doctor of education from Nova Southeastern University in Ft. Lauderdale, Forida, where he has been employed for 17 years. His dissertation has been published as a book titled: “Anticipation exceeded realization: Saga of an antebellum college.”

Rasma Haidri Sjovoll
BS 1979 – English and French Education
Rasma’s poetry collection titled, “As if Anything Can Happen,” was published by Kelsay Books in 2017.


Joy Roddy Downs
Ph.D. 1980 – Educational Psychology
After a long career as a psychologist at the University of New Hampshire Counseling Center, Joy left in 2012 to open a small private practice. After four years, Joy decided to give retirement a try. She tried retirement for one full year, and has now opened a (smaller) private practice.

Eydie Barttenes Cohen
BSE 1981 – Education
After 37 years of teaching, Eydie will retire from full-time employment. Eydie has spent the last 29 years with CCSD59. She reports it has been a great ride and owes much success to the training and education she received at UW-Madison. Eydie is excited about the next adventure in life.

Jean Erdman
Ph.D. 1981 – Curriculum and Instruction
Jean is working as a volunteer event planner and fundraiser for the Democratic Parties of Winnebago, Outagamie and Brown County through a group called Valley Victory. Jean is the co-leader of the Children’s Closet, which provides clothing for children at a local elementary school in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Jean is also enjoying travel and visiting with family and friends.

Mary E. (Dyson) Ghilani
BS 1981 – Communicative Disorders
After working in higher education for the past 28 years, Mary retired as the director of Career Services at Luzerne County Community College in Pennsylvania. Mary created a website and developed an online professional development course for career counselors and coaches. When not writing, Mary keeps busy gardening, going to antique tractor auctions with her husband and rescuing feral cats.

Todd Kuckkahn
BSE 1981 – Broad Field Social Studies
Todd is now an independent certified coach, teacher, trainer and speaker with The John Maxwell Team. Todd is also keeping his teaching skills active as an adjunct faculty member for Lakeland University in social psychology and UW-Stevens Point in collaborative leadership. Additionally, Todd will be teaching a leadership course for Mid-State Technical College in Wisconsin Rapids.

Sharon R. Marks
BSE 1981 – Elementary Education
Sharon has been working in the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health for the past 10 years as a learning specialist. Sharon received the Campus Impact Award in 2012 and medical students have presented her with the "Regular Fellow " award for the last two years.

Christine B. McCormick
MS 1979,  Ph.D. 1981 – Educational Psychology
After serving as dean of the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts Amherst for more than 11 years, Christine has returned to faculty status. Christine says teaching undergraduate students after years in administrative roles has been rewarding and challenging, and it has also enabled her to return to writing projects. Christine and co-author David Scherer have completed the second edition of, “Child and Adolescent Development for Educators.”

Thomas M. Joynt
MS 1972 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
Ph.D. 1981 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis

Thomas self-published the “History of Green Bay Public Schools” and has taught Learning in Retirement classes at UW-Green Bay a decade (chapter) per class. Thomas reports that he and his wife Kathy’s (MS 1973) sons all graduated from the UW-Madison School of Education and currently remain in education in Wisconsin. Matthew is the superintendent in Mequon, Michael an intermediate principal in Shorewood, Nathan a doctoral student in curriculum and instruction at UW-Milwaukee, and Timothy is curriculum director at Shorewood.

Dan Wright
BSE 1981– Elementary Education
Dan is finished the 2017-18 school year as acting superintendent of the Stockton Unified School District, the 17th largest school district in California. Dan was named acting superintendent in August 2017. He previously served as an assistant superintendent, director of educational services, and elementary school principal in the district. Dan also was elected to the Stockton City Council for a four-year term in November 2016.

Karen L. Garst
Ph.D. 1982 – Curriculum and Instruction
Karen has just published her second book, “Women v. Religion: The Case Against Faith — and for Freedom,” an anthology of 13 essays from different perspectives on how religion subjugates women.

Jane Ellen Hamel
BS 1982 – Art Education
Jane has been an art teacher for 23 years; currently serving as K-5 teacher in the Edgerton (Wisconsin) School District. Jane also enjoys drawing, water color painting and gardening.

Lori Schmidt Lutze
BSE 1982 – Communication Arts/Education
Lori recently earned a coach academy international certification as an executive and life coach. This certification blends well with her MBTI and Gallup StrengthsFinder certifications.

Patricia Anne Thoma
BS 1982, Physical Therapy
Patricia is currently on sabbatical, spending three months volunteering in the therapy department at an American-run orphanage  (Shepherd’s Field Children Village) for special needs children, located in Langfang, China.

Janet Lynn Estervig
MS 1983 – Education/Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling
Janet has taken a position with Attainment Company located in Verona, Wisconsin. She is their new director of curriculum and training. Attainment Company publishes printed curricula for students with disabilities and creates software, apps, videos, AAC devices and training for youth and adults with disabilities. Janet has the privilege of joining their team to create new tools and resources to help schools and adult services provide employment training and supports. Janet is also a registered nurse and continues to work as a private duty nurse on the weekends.

Patricia Markos
Ph.D. 1983 – Studies in Behavioral Disabilities
Patricia is director of the Institute for Professional Studies in Education (IPSE) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. IPSE offers graduate programs for teachers, including a Master of Education-Professional Development Learning Community program, two Educational Leadership programs leading to licensure for principal, two programs for reading teacher and one program for reading specialist, and a Professional Learning Community Certificate program. Patricia is celebrating her 10th year at UW-La Crosse.

John Bina
BS 1984 – Instrumental Music Education
In December, John was awarded the Bandworld Legion of Honor Award from the John Philip Sousa Foundation. This award recognizes band directors who have maintained school concert band programs of excellent musical quality and who have held leadership positions within their professional organizations. Since 2011, John has served as the director of bands at Saint Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights, Minnesota. His primary responsibilities include directing the concert and marching bands, the jazz ensemble, coordinating solo/ensemble contest, all state and all conference honor bands and teaching guitar classes. John also assisted in authoring a book titled: “The Conductors Companion 100 Rehearsal Techniques, Imaginative Ideas, Quotes and Facts,” compiled by Gary Stith and released in May 2017.

Keith R. Dolan
BS 1984 – History  
Keith is retiring from the Oshkosh Area School District this summer, and says it is time to play some golf and spend time on the Memorial Union terrace with his daughter, who is currently an undergraduate at UW-Madison. On, Wisconsin!

Wendi Gelbach Frohna
BS 1984 – Elementary Education
Wendi joined the staff at Park University in Parkville, Missouri, as the coordinator of assessment and accreditation in the College of Education and Health Professions.

Lisa Mahaffey
BS 1984 – Occupational Therapy
This spring, Lisa graduated with a Ph.D. in disability studies from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Lisa is a faculty member in the Occupational Therapy program at Midwestern University in Downers Grove, Illinois, and will be finishing a second term as president of the Illinois Occupational Therapy Association. Lisa’s goal is to continue researching how to improve access to community participation and achieving social justice for people with psychiatric disabilities.

Karen Carpenter
MS 1985 – Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology
Karen celebrated her 25-year anniversary at UW Health working as a rehabilitation counselor in the Department of Orthopedic and Rehabilitation. Karen’s primary role is at the American Family Children's Hospital, where she facilitates return to school for patients with a variety of medical diagnoses. Karen’s role helps provide a smoother transition from hospital to school, especially when there are functional or cognitive changes, which may impact or affect their educational performance.

Alexandra E Drivas
BS 1979 – Rehabilitation Psychology
MS 1985 – Educational Psychology

Alexandra will be retiring following more than 30 years as a school psychologist for the Rosemount, Apple Valley, Eagan (ISD 196) suburban Twin Cities, Minnesota school district. Over the years, Alexandra says there was never the same day twice. Alexandra has worked with the University Bookstore to establish a UW-Madison Junior Book Award to recognize the scholarship, leadership and service of deserving high school juniors.

Gene G Hogoboom
BS 1985 – Exercise Physiology
Gene has worked in the health club industry since graduation.

Katie J. Brewer Berres Boychuk
MS 1986 – Curriculum and Instruction
Katie entered the field of massage therapy in 2016, and is practicing at Origins of Wellness in Greendale and Sojourner Family Peace Center in Milwaukee.

Penny Landvogt
Ph.D. 1986 – Adult Education, Family Study
Penny is semi-retired and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, and advises to keep joy in your well-being and make fun your middle name.

Catherine Townsend Taylor
BS 1985 – Rehabilitation Psychology
MS 1986 – Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education

After 15 years teaching in public high schools, Catherine is now developing and teaching a horticulture based pre-vocational program for diverse learners in the Chicago Public Schools through a partnership with After School Matters and The Chicago Botanic Garden.

Kathy Broniarczyk
BS 1987 – Child and Family Studies
Kathy is celebrating her 10-year work anniversary and being named senior director of outreach and operations at the Military Family Research Institute at Purdue University

Katherine J Heide
BSE 1987 – Special Education
Katherine is completing her 30th year in education, and is currently a Special Education Department chair in the Green Bay Area Public Schools, focusing on life science, social thinking strategies and reading.

Alice Hoben
BS 1987 – School of Human Ecology
Alice has worked at Family Access of West Newton in Massachusetts for the past five years. Alice worked in a transitional infant and toddler room, and is moving to an infant room this year.

Nancy Kuehl Lockwood
BSE 1987 – Special Education
Nancy has taught kids with significant disabilities in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, for 27 years.

Laurie Rabideau Kleisinger
BS 1987 – Physical Education
Laurie’s days of teaching and coaching are pretty much behind her now, and the side business she has had for the past 20 years in packaging sales has become her focus. Over the last several months Laurie has been to Washington, D.C., several times to help the U.S. government design a new, improved bag for a portion of their food aid program. If you ever see those big, shiny, white, 50-pound bags stamped “USA,” you’ll know that a UW-Madison School of Education alum is behind it.

Brian Kersten
MS 1989 – Educational Administration
Brian is completing his 25th year as principal at Waunakee Community High School in Waunakee, Wisconsin, his 29th year as a school administrator and his 33rd year as an educator. Brian says his UW education has been instrumental to the longevity that he has enjoyed in his position. On several occasions, Brian has been invited to return to campus and share his experiences at roundtable discussions organized by the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, and he has enjoyed these opportunities immensely.

Henry St. Maurice
MS 1989 – Curriculum and Instruction
Henry is retired from full-time teacher education, and does some part-time work in supervision for UW-Stevens Point and in teaching for the Edgewood College education leadership doctoral program. Henry serves on the boards of Columbus Area Endowment, Columbia County, and Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin, Inc.


Thomas K. Hagood
Ph.D. 1990 – Dance
The National Dance Education Organization is honoring Thomas with an annual award in his name, the Thomas K. Hagood DELRdi Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Inquiry.

Michael Meyer
BS 1990 – Education
Michael published “The Road to Sleeping Dragon: Learning China from the Ground Up,” the third book in a trilogy that began when Michael left Madison in 1995 to become one of China's first Peace Corps volunteers. Michael is a recipient of Guggenheim and National Endowment for the Humanities fellowships and a Whiting Writers Award winner. Michael is an associate professor of English, teaching nonfiction writing at the University of Pittsburgh.

Joe Spolar
1990 – Secondary Education Teaching Certification
After 26 years of teaching science at Middleton High School and two years abroad teaching in Venezuela, Joe is retiring this spring. Joe is enjoying TED Ed club, astronomy club and working at track meets. Joe will continue learning at a climate science workshop through the UW-Madison chemistry department and a plasma physics workshop this summer.

Erin Prais Hintz
BS 1991 – Secondary Education/English
Erin will show her third solo gallery exhibit entitled "Momentum: Art in Motion" at the Gallery Q in downtown Stevens Point, Wisconsin, this summer. The exhibit was inspired by Erin’s daughter, who is a dancer — and hopefully a future Badger — and will feature works of abstract acrylics and mixed media art on canvas, polymer clay mokume gane and wire jewelry, as well as sculptures and some poetic verses.

Patricia Joy Hoggatt
BS 1991 – Elementary Education
Patricia has served as the youth services librarian at Cambridge Community Library for 10 years.

Mary Lydia Miller Mullen
BSE 1991 – Elementary Education
Mary is currently working on writing and self publishing the history of Prairie Unitarian Universalist Society in Madison. The two-volume history should be available this fall.

Carol Abohatab
BS 1991 – Dance Performance/Choreography
Carol has traveled the world teaching and choreographing dance. From September through December of 2017, she traveled to the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to give clinics and adjudicate dance in pageantry competitions. In April, she spent a month at an artists' residency in Tuscany, rejuvenating her creative spirit with dance and video in site-specific work, which includes the region's local food, environment, and artists.

Jennifer Carr
BS 1991 – Elementary Education
Jennifer went back to graduate school and received a master's degree in library science.  Jennifer has worked at the Middleton, Wisconsin, Public Library as acquisitions librarian for the past 10 years.

Shahanna McKinney Baldon
BSE 1993 – Secondary Education
Shahanna currently serves as the director of professional learning for the Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN), a project at the Wisconsin Center for Education Research in the UW-Madison School of Education. MSAN convenes a national consortium of about two dozen school districts who are working to eliminate racial opportunity and achievement gaps in their schools.

Michelle Schreier
1993 - Education
Michelle has been teaching in the Middleton Cross Plains School District for 25 years. She also is coaching varsity softball at Verona. Michelle lives in Cross Plains and has two daughters, 24 and 14.

George Agpoon
BS 1994 – Fine Arts
This spring, George started an exciting new position as digital creative director for Barnes & Noble in New York City.

Paul Philip Rux
Ph.D. 1994 – Educational Leadership
Paul earned master’s in educational theory from the University of Toronto, where he was a graduate fellow. Last January, the University of Toronto asked Paul to become a mentor in its new mentoring program for students and alumni, and Paul loves it.

Jeannine Ramsey
BS 1995 – English Education
Jeannine has worked as a library media specialist at Waunakee High School for the past 18 years. Several years ago, Jeannine collaborated with the reading specialist and several teachers to create a vibrant peer tutoring center that is housed in the school library. They have over 60 talented young people who volunteer their time every week throughout the school year to provide feedback to their fellow students in a wide variety of content areas. Jeannine and her husband celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a trip to Ireland last year, and both of their grown daughters are working and traveling in other parts of the world. Jeannine often visits the Memorial Union in the summer to enjoy the amazing array of musical performances by Lake Mendota.

Eric Brunsell
BS 1996 - Education
Eric published, “Big Data, Small Devices: Investigating the Natural World Using Real-Time Data,” in January of 2017. After 10 years as a professor of science education, Eric has accepted the position of associate dean of teacher education and assessment at UW-Oshkosh.

Linda Tuchman-Ginsberg
Ph.D. 1996 – Special Education
Linda has had an affiliation with UW-Madison since 1968, except for three years when she was a special education teacher in Dane County. Since retirement from the Waisman Center in 2013, Linda has continued to co-direct the UW Infant, Early Childhood and Family Mental Health Capstone Certificate program as a part-time rehired annuitant with the Department of Psychiatry. Linda co-founded this program in 2010 while working at Waisman Center and continues to find meaning in providing leadership to this program and supporting the students. The position gives Linda the flexibility to spend time with her granddaughter and travel with her husband, Alan Ginsberg, another UW-Madison School of Education alum. The two met in behavioral disabilities classes the summer of 1974.

Chip Hunter
Ph.D. 1996 – Counseling Psychology
Chip is a field project coordinator for Doctors Without Borders, currently located in Lahe, Myanmar, providing medical services for a group of extremely remote Nagaland villages which can only be reached by foot or by motorcycle. Chip’s wife, Katie (MBA 2010), is the project's administrator, and they will be there for the next year.

James Joseph Augustine
BS 1997 – Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology
James is currently working at Hamilton Southeastern High Schools in Indiana teaching world history.

Dianne Reistroffer
Ph.D. 1997 – Continuing and Vocational Education
Dianne is professor emerita and interim director of the Doctor of Ministry program at Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. Dianne is also a part-time law student at Chase College of Law-Northern Kentucky University focusing on elder law and immigrant rights. As an ordained minister of the United Methodist Church, Dianne serves as a volunteer pastor and board member for Mission Behind Bars and Beyond, a nonprofit organization working with and supporting returning citizens as they transition from corrections to the community.

Lynne Behrendt
BSE 1985 – Elementary Education/Special Education
MS 1998 – Curriculum and Instruction

Lynne has been working in education for 33 years. After working as an elementary and middle school general education teacher, special education teacher and an elementary school principal, the only thing left undone was teaching high school, which Lynne now does in Edmonds, Washington.

Jamie Schmidt
BM 1996 – Music Education
After serving as associate conductor and music director of the national tour of the “Lion King” for the past eight years, Jamie has moved back to New York City, as associate conductor with the Broadway company of “Aladdin.”

Lisa Peyton Caire
MS 1999 – Educational Leadership & Administration
Lisa, founder and president of the Foundation for Black Women's Wellness in Madison, spoke in April at a press conference held at the UW South Madison Partnership Office announcing a nine-month project to gather input from black women and others about Dane County's high rates of infant mortality and low birth weight among black babies. The Dane County Health Council has selected Lisa’s Foundation for Black Women’s Wellness to lead a collaborative community engagement campaign intended to address and identify solutions to lower the incidence of low birthweight babies born to black mothers in Dane County. This is an unprecedented collaboration effort in our county.

Mark Nepper
MS 1999 – Curriculum & Instruction
Mark is an English teacher at West High School in Madison and received a Kohl Fellowship award this spring. Mark has been an English teacher at West since 1990, and also serves as a director of the Greater Madison Writing Project.

Todd Alan Price
Ph.D. 1999 – Curriculum & Instruction
Todd was confirmed as a member of Professors of Curriculum at the annual meeting held in New York City during the American Educational Research Association’s Annual Meeting. Todd presented on three panels at AERA 2018, and he presented "The future of teacher education" as a keynote speaker at the ICES-UEBK 2018 27th International Conference on Educational Sciences: Education in the Changing World, in Antalya, Turkey. Todd is currently director of policy studies at National Louis University and a resident of Kenosha, Wisconsin, with his family.

Abby Watson
BSE 1999 – Elementary Education
Abby moved with her family to Tampico, Mexico, last summer. Abby is the head librarian, overseeing both the elementary and high school libraries. Abby’s husband is the assistant principal at the high school level and their two daughters attend school.

JP Whalen
Ph.D. 1999 – Rehabilitation Psychology
JP was diagnosed with ALS in December of 2015. JP has retired from work and now focuses on advocacy.


Pedro R Albiter
BSE 2000 – Secondary Education/Spanish
Pedro has been employed by the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development since 2001 as an employment and training-bilingual representative. Since 2015, Pedro is the southern Wisconsin migrant labor inspector, based at the Dane County Job Center. In addition, Pedro received the 2008 Mike McKinney Award from United Way of Dane County for volunteering with the community and the 2012 UMOS Hispanic Man of the Year Award.

R. Todd Benson
MS 2000 – Educational Administration
Todd co-authored a chapter in the forthcoming “Success after Tenure: Supporting Midcareer Faculty,” titled, “Evidence-Based Faculty Development: The COACHE Research-Practice Partnership.”

Katie Hoffman
BSE 2000 – Secondary English Education
After teaching English language arts for 13 years at McClure Junior High School in Western Springs, Illinois, and for four years at Waupun Area Junior/Senior High School in Waupun, Wisconsin, Katie is taking on the role of literacy coach for WAJSHS. Linda spent the 2017-18 school year both teaching and undergoing training as a literacy coach in the Comprehensive Literacy Model with Dr. Linda Dorn out of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

Mindy Snyder-Montanio
2000 – Teaching Certification
Mindy has taught secondary English since 2001 at Highland High School in the largest high school district located in Bakersfield, California. This year, Mindy accepted a position as the district's English language arts curriculum and resource coordinator, serving over 350 English teachers and 34,000 students.

Michelle L. Page
Ph.D. 2001 – Curriculum and Instruction
In the past year, Michelle was awarded the all-university John Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising, and was also recommended for promotion to professor.

William McCoy


Kathryn T Schmidt nee Sturino
MS 2002– School Social Work
Kathryn has been a bilingual school social worker at Escuela Vieau School in the Milwaukee Public Schools since 2002.

Earlise Ward

Kathryn T Schmidt nee Sturino
MS 2002– School Social Work
Kathryn has been a bilingual school social worker at Escuela Vieau School in the Milwaukee Public Schools since 2002.

Brian Beitzel
Ph.D. 2004 – Educational Psychology
Brian has been selected as a 2018-19 ACE Fellow.

Sara Pfister Johnston
MS 2004 – Rehabilitation Counseling
Sara has accepted an associate professor position in the Occupational Therapy Doctorate program at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, where she will teach research and population health courses.

Mary Jae Kleckner
Ph.D. 2004 – Continuing & Vocational Education
Mary is an assistant professor with the School of Business and Economics at UW-Stevens Point.

Kelly 'Kane' Lawler
BS 2004 – Elementary Education
After graduating, Kelly moved to Denver. There, she taught third grade in a bilingual program and fifth grade in a traditional school. Both schools were title schools and with a desire to make a greater impact, Kelly decided to get her master's in administrative leadership and policy studies from the University of Colorado at Denver. Kelly has since moved back to her home town of Madison and has become the principal of one of Madison's largest elementary schools, Cesar Chavez Elementary School. She credits much of her successes to the education she received in her undergraduate studies and her participation in the Ed Fellows program at UW. Each day she works tirelessly to provide the best educational experience for all of Madison's students.

Steven Pruett
Ph.D. 2004 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Steven is currently working at Mendota Mental Health Institute as a psychologist.

David Schuler


Anthony Davis
BSE 2005– Elementary Education
MS 2010 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Anthony is currently finishing up a fourth year as the assistant dean of students at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Anthony was recently accepted into two doctoral programs and will begin coursework in the fall.

Jennifer L. Ruef
BA 1990 – Mathematics
MS 2005 – Curriculum and Instruction

Jennifer was elected a 2017 STaR Fellow of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE). Randy Philipp, who earned his Ph.D. studying with Tom Carpenter in the late 1980s, was president of AMTE, so met Jennifer at the STaR training in June, 2017. It turns out that Philipp was Jennifer’s secondary mathematics teaching methods instructor at UW-Madison in the fall of 1989. Thirty years had passed, and the connection might not have been made but for Randy's noticing that the two had Meg Meyer in common. Badgers continually meet under the most surprising circumstances.

Monica I. Uriguen
Ph.D. 2005 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Monica is the dean of International Relations at Higher Studies Institute, The State Graduate University of Ecuador. 

Sheena Kauppila
BM 2006 – Music Education
Sheena is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy at the University of Utah studying higher education. She recently received a full fellowship, the Steffensen-Cannon Scholarship, to do her research and write her dissertation full-time. Sheena’s dissertation is a mixed methods study of student-faculty engagement at community colleges, which will result in the development of a grounded theory and a critique of current measures of student-faculty engagement.

Blake Sims
BSE 2006 – Elementary Education
Since leaving Madison, Blake has become obsessed with empowering youth as creative problem solvers through entrepreneurship, innovation and design thinking programs. Three years ago she launched Epiic Solutions, an education startup which hosts one-week summer programs for teens in Boston, as well as related professional development and curriculum development for k-12 schools. In November 2017, Blake expanded her role as a social entrepreneur when she joined the Innovate@BU initiative at Boston University as program director of social innovation. She works with students of all ages to transform their ideas into impact.

Timothy P. O'Brien
2007 -- World Language Education/German
Timothy taught high school-level German for five years in Fort Dodge, Iowa. In the meantime, he received certification for Russian and Spanish, then taught half a year of Spanish in Carlisle, Iowa, then subbed for Des Moines and Ames, Iowa, for one-and-a-half years. He then taught one year of Spanish in Racine at a middle school and high school. Timothy is now subbing for four school districts in Wisconsin, out of Fort Atkinson.

Jessica Stovall
BSE 2007 – Secondary English Education
Jessica received the first Fulbright Distinguished Award in Teaching Alumni Innovation Award for her 2014 research in New Zealand, where she studied educational debts between white and indigenous Māori students. Since her return, Jessica has embarked on two projects -– a comprehensive teacher professional development program and a workbook for teachers -– both focused on eliminating the racial predictability of student achievement. Her work is featured in Steve James’ 2018 documentary series, “America to Me,” which premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film festival and will air on Starz this fall. Jessica will attend Stanford University this September, pursuing her Ph.D. in race, inequality and language in education.

Nga Wing Anjela Wong
Ph.D. 2008 – Educational Policy Studies
Nga-Wing recently published a book titled, “Opening doors: Community Centers Connecting Working-class Immigrant Families and Schools.” The book examines the role and impact of a community-based organization in helping working-class immigrant families navigate and negotiate their multiple worlds. Nga-Wing is an associate professor at UW-Eau Claire, where she teaches courses in anti-oppressive and culturally relevant education.

Dr. Susan Borden
MS 1998 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Ph.D. 2009 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis

Working and living in the Middle East is a dream come true for Susan, and she enjoys sun, sand and wonderful opportunities to serve a diverse school as the superintendent. Susan also spends time traveling throughout Southeast Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

William M. Adams
BS 2009 – Kinesiology/Athletic Training
William just completed his first year as an assistant professor within the Department of Kinesiology at UNC-Greensboro. William is also the Program Director for the Entry-Level Master of Science in Athletic Training program, where the program was awarded a 10-year continuation of being accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education. Since December 2017, William has had five peer-reviewed publications published or accepted for publication. In addition, William has recently completed a research study funded by the NCAA examining the influence of training volume, schedule and psychosocial stress on risk of injury in collegiate soccer, which is part of a larger study being conducted to make a data-driven decision as to whether the NCAA changes how college soccer is played within the United States. Lastly, William is currently conducting a study examining the influence of habitual fluid intake on health and wellness measures in a college-aged population, which will be used to obtain additional external funding to examine determinants of fluid intake behaviors and its association with health-related outcomes.

Vonzell Agosto
Ph.D. 2009 – Curriculum and Instruction
Vonzell co-authored an article with Ericka Roland in the Review of Research in Education titled, “Intersectionality and Educational Leadership: A Critical Review.”

Jordan Becker
BS 2009 – Kinesiology
Jordan completed a Ph.D. in cancer biology from UW-Madison and is studying the cellular biology of HIV-1 assembly. Jordan is now a post-doctoral associate at the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities studying virus evolution and cancer.

Robert Forget
MS 2009 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Robert is currently the vice president for enrollment management and student success at Southwest Minnesota State University.

Carrie Schneider LeMay
MS 2009 – Counseling
Carrie is in her eighth year as a school counselor at Cortez (Colorado) Middle School. In addition, Carrie is the department leader and Montezuma-Cortez School district lead critical incident school counselor. In 2015, Carrie was honored to receive recognition as one of the top school counselors in Colorado by the Colorado School Counselor Association. Carrie is a strong advocate for implementing trauma-informed and restorative practices in our school. She also started the middle school leadership and volunteer group called Positive Youth Advocates. Carrie recently received her principal license and hopes to increase her leadership in the Montezuma Cortez School District. In addition, Carrie is a yoga and Zumba instructor and provides community classes to all ages. Carrie enjoys living in the western slope of Colorado.

Rebecca Murkley Marburger
BSE 2009 – Elementary Education
Rebecca is an education specialist at Wisconsin Public Television, and her team released a new website, Wisconsin First Nations, in collaboration with their Wisconsin Act 31 partners, including the UW-Madison School of Education and the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. This resource provides authentic and accurate educational resources for teaching about American Indian Nations of Wisconsin.

Noah J. Marcus
Ph. D. 2009 – Kinesiology
Noah has been an assistant professor in the department of Physiology and Pharmacology at Des Moines University, Medicine and Health Sciences ever since completing a post-doctoral fellowship in July 2015. This year, Noah was awarded a grant from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute for the study of cardio-renal syndrome in chronic heart failure.

Kevin Mason
Ph.D. 2009 – Curriculum and Instruction
Kevin is an associate professor of science education at UW-Stout, and recently received an award as Teacher of the Year in the College of Education, Hospitality, Health, and Human Sciences for the 2017-18 school year. Kevin also accepted a position to serve as the assessment coordinator of the School of Education for the 2018-19 school year, and recently published several articles.

Amanda Schmitt



Miriam Kopelow
BSE 2010 – Elementary Education
After teaching in Madison for two years, Miriam moved to Brooklyn, New York to teach fourth grade. In January, Miriam completed a master’s in leadership for educational change at Bank Street College. In April Miriam had her first baby. She is moving back home to Chicago and beginning a job as director of general studies at an independent school in Skokie, Illinois.


Raul Leon

Gena Nelson
BSE 2010 – Special Education
Gena graduated with a Ph.D. in special education from the University of Minnesota in December 2017 and accepted a position as an assistant professor in special education at Boise State University.

Jill Reinarts
MS 2010 – Speech Language Pathology
Jill is currently working at Levine Children’s Hospital after gaining great experience at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota.

Laura Montez
MS 2011 – Educational Leadership & Policy Analysis
This July, Laura will begin as the new principal in the School District of Jefferson’s middle school.

Don Karsh
BS 2008 – Secondary Education
MS 2012 – Counseling Psychology

Don is a recipient of a 2018 Herb Kohl Fellowship Award. This honor is based on an educator's superior ability to inspire a love of learning in students, leadership and service within and outside the classroom, and the ability to motivate others.

Emily C. Meier
BSE 2012 – Secondary Education
Emily is currently working with the Rural Schools Collaborative, a new non-profit dedicated to connecting rural schools and communities across the U.S. The work focuses on promoting rural place-based engagement, creating teacher leaders in small towns and empowering communities through rural philanthropy. RSC is based out of Cambridge, Wisconsin, and has 10 regional hubs across the country. 

Betsy Pike Becker
BSE 2013 – Elementary Education
Betsy earned a master of education in learning design and technology through Purdue University in the spring of 2018. She currently works as an instructional designer. Betsy married Ben Becker ('12) in June 2018 after meeting through the university's Homecoming Committee. After four years of living in Iowa, Ben and Betsy moved back to Madison this spring.

Terrance L. Green
Ph.D. 2013 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Terrance was recently awarded a National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship. His research focuses on the nexus of urban school reform and socially just community development, with a particular focus on school and community leaders. Terrance is currently an assistant professor at the University of Texas at Austin.

Emily Jayne
BSE 2013 – Special Education
Emily is working on a master’s in education at the University College London-Institute of Education. 

Lauren Keenan
MS 2013 – Communication Science and Disorders
Lauren reports having a wonderful experience at UW, and has been working at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in New York and at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut for the past four years. On April 7, Lauren welcomed a son, Theodore, into the world.

Robert Kelchen
Ph.D. 2013 – Educational Policy Studies
Robert is an assistant professor of higher education at Seton Hall University and recently had his first book, “Higher Education Accountability,” published by Johns Hopkins University Press. He was also ranked No. 54 on Rick Hess's annual Edu-Scholar Public Influence List, the top-ranked assistant professor across all universities.

Chantal Fuller
BSE 2014 – Rehab Psychology/Special Education
Chantal has been employed in the District of Columbia Public Schools for the past four years, teaching self-contained communication education support (Autism) and now special education inclusion (math). Next school year, Chantal will transition to the district's first public all-girls school, Excel Academy, to continue working in urban education. 

Natalie Garfield
BS 2014 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Natalie is currently enrolled in the Masters of Science Occupational Therapy program in Duluth, Minnesota. She is the community chair of the Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA), as well as a member and secretary of Pi Theta Epsilon (PTE), a specialized honor society for OT students and alumni. Additionally, Natalie has several part-time jobs that keep her consistently busy. She adds that she is proud to say that her younger sister, Allison, is now at UW-Madison continuing the family Badger tradition!

Elizabeth Schrader
MS 2014 – Special Education
Elizabeth helped found the non-profit, Disability Support International (DSI), in 2016 and has been serving as board chair for the past two years. The nonprofit's mission is to advocate, support, and empower so that people with disabilities in developing countries can live life to the fullest. Since January 2016, DSI has developed the first online Global Disability Directory, which allows people to search for disability services in their area of the globe. Additionally, they've established partner organizations in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to help establish inclusive and interdisciplinary special education practices. Right now, they are partnered with two organizations in Cambodia to begin one such classroom for the 2018-19 school year. Check out our website:

Emily Wight
BSE 2014 – Elementary Education
Emily is a master of teaching and curriculum student at Michigan State University. She is conducting action research around the impact of multicultural literature on students' opinion of immigration, and she presented her initial results at graduate research conferences at Michigan State University and the University of Toledo. Emily will also present in a combined panel at the 2018 National Council of Teachers of English convention in November.

Deborah Egly
2015 MS – Educational Psychology
Deborah used knowledge from the MSPE program to launch and continuously improve the English language school Deborah co-founded in Taipei, Taiwan, with a fellow Badger, Christopher Hooker, called All Aboard English Academy. Since it opened five years ago, they have worked with countless amazing Taiwanese and international students and their families to provide positive learning experiences in English language arts, STEM learning, character education, and so much more. After growing near capacity at the first school location, Deborah and Christopher opened their second school location in November 2017.

Henry Erdman
BS 2015 – Art/Graphic Design
Henry has been working at an entertainment advertising agency (B O N D) in Los Angeles for the past two-plus years. He is an art director working on posters for film and television. Recently, Henry made the poster for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” and won a couple Clios.

Keith Knurr
BS 2015 – Kinesiology
Keith is graduating from UW-Madison with a doctorate of physical therapy, and will be completing a sports physical therapy residency with UW-Health over the next year.

Emma Osborn
BSE 2015 – Elementary Education
For the past two years, Emma has worked as a fifth-grade teacher in Green Bay, Wisconsin, in a bilingual classroom. Emma just accepted a position to work in Bangkok, Thailand, for the next two years that will fulfill two passions — traveling and teaching.

Nathan Wills
Ph.D. 2015 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Nate is the director of blended learning initiatives at the University of Notre Dame. He recently won a $1.8 million grant from the GHR Foundation to implement blended learning in five Catholic schools in the Twin Cities over the next three years.

Alix Brandt
2016 BS – Rehabilitation Psychology
Alix is graduating from the rehabilitation psychology master’s program and is eligible for the certified rehabilitation counselor credential. Alix has accepted a job offer as a high school transition specialist at Feist Vocational Counseling and Placement, LLC in Madison. 

Marc Brousseau
MS 2016 – Curriculum & Instruction/Secondary Mathematics
Since graduation, Marc has been working as a high school mathematics teacher in Middleton, Wisconsin. Most of Marc’s time is spent at Middleton High School teaching geometry and pre-calculus, but Marc also spends mornings working as a math resource teacher at the alternative public charter high school, Clark Street Community School. He also enjoys performing music. This summer, Marc will serve as a fellow at UW's Materials Research Science and Engineering Center's Research Experience for Teachers.

Claire Odorico
BSE 2016 – Elementary Education
Claire completed two long-term substitute teaching positions at Brooklyn Elementary in Brooklyn, Wisconsin, this year in fourth and second grades. Claire is moving to Denver this summer and plans to teach in the Denver public school district for the 2018-19 school year.

Lisa Hennessey
BS 2011 – Mathematics Education
MS 2017 – Secondary Math Education and Educational Leadership

Lisa is currently teaching math at Sun Prairie High School. She also serves as department chair, social justice committee facilitator, teaching, learning and equity council, and varsity dance coach. During past summers, Lisa has worked for College Preparatory Mathematics and the PEOPLE program, but this summer will serve as a summer school principal in her district. Lisa hopes to move into a role where she can promote growth mindset, instructional leadership, and equitable practices.

Brigid Hogan
MS 2017 – Curriculum & Instruction
Brigid completed her first year teaching English in the International Academy at Roosevelt High School in Washington, D.C. She will be participating in Folger Shakespeare Library's Teaching Shakespeare 2018 Institute.

Rachel Hughitt
BS 2017 – Rehabilitation Psychology
For the past year since graduation, Rachel has been working at a non-profit in Minneapolis as a case coordinator. Rachel’s main responsibilities are working with youth on probation to overcome barriers that have prohibited their success in academic settings. Beginning in the fall of 2018, Rachel will begin graduate school at the University of Kentucky – Lexington in the counseling psychology master's program. While preparing for a career as a psychologist, Rachel will focus on race, gender, education and the intersection they have with mental health. Rachel is interested in working with prison populations and providing rehabilitation services to help transition individuals back into society and reduce their risk of recidivism.

Zach Jindra
BSE 2017 – World Language Education
Zach is currently a full-time entrepreneur and wedding photographer. Zach has also been delving into the wine and spirits industry, and in April became a certified sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers. Zach and his wife have accepted positions as English teaching assistants in Madrid, Spain, for the academic year 2018-19.

Hildy Joseph
MS 2017 – Education/C&I secondary
Hildy teaches chemistry and biology at a bilingual international school in La Guajira, Colombia. The English as a Second Language component in the master’s program was particularly essential, because Hildy’s classes are now comprised almost entirely of English language learners.

Kathleen Miller
MS 2017 – Kinesiology
Kathleen is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Kinesiology pursuing a degree in exercise physiology and a minor in neuroscience. She is a member of Dr. Jill Barnes' laboratory studying how men and women regulate brain blood flow.

Brett Ranon Nachman
MS 2017 – Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis
Brett continues to work toward his Ph.D. in ELPA and is spearheading various research studies related to community college students, as well as the depictions of college students with autism. Brett presented multiple projects related to his autism research at the Council for the Study of Community Colleges conference in Dallas this past April, as well as at the Association for the Study of Higher Education conference in Houston last November.

Pa Nhue Vue
BS 2017 – Rehabilitation Psychology
Pa is currently serving as an AmeriCorps member at the Boys and Girls Club -- Menomonie Center. Pa’s experience has been rewarding and challenging, and the best part is giving back to the community.

Di Zhang
2017 - Curriculum and Instruction
Di is an ESL teacher of Bright Scholar Education Group.

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