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Hubbard receives Undergraduate Mentoring Award

April 24, 2017

The School of Education's Edward Hubbard recently received an Undergraduate Mentoring Award. 

Hubbard is an assistant professor with UW-Madison's No. 1-ranked Department of Educational Psychology and is the director of the UW Educational Neuroscience Lab at the Waisman Center.

The Undergraduate Mentoring Award is a campus-wide honor administered through the Office of the Provost. It is given to faculty members, academic staff and post-doctoral fellows or graduate students for mentoring undergraduates in research, scholarly and creative endeavors.

Edward Hubbard
The award does not recognize one single project, but rather the sum total of Hubbard's mentoring across his time at UW-Madison.  Five students who have worked with Hubbard as undergraduate research assistants submitted letters of support highlighting his highly regarded mentoring acumen.

Hubbard was nominated for this award by Bradford Brown, chair of the Department of Educational Psychology, and also included a letter of support from educational psychology colleague Percival Matthews.

“Ed truly wants his students to get as much out of the research experience as they can and to feel that they can approach him to talk about anything,” says Jennifer Hathaway, lab manager with the UW Educational Neuroscience Lab. “Our lab team has recently doubled from about 18 to 36 undergraduate research assistants after receiving an NIH grant and Ed makes it a priority to meet with students at weekly lab-wide meetings, project-specific meetings, and one-on-ones to discuss updates, new scientific articles, and provide feedback on presentations or papers.”

Hubbard and Matthews this past fall were awarded a National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grant worth nearly $1.9 million that will allow the faculty members and their team to examine mathematical learning processes.

The project is called, “Perceptual and Cognitive Mechanisms of Developing Fractions Knowledge: A Cross-Sequential Approach.” The grant will allow the researchers leading this multifaceted project to collect brain imaging, behavioral and educational data in schoolchildren.

This is the fourth year of the university’s Undergraduate Mentoring Awards, and Hubbard is believed to be the first person from the School of Education to receive this recognition.
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