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CSArt Madison showcasing home-grown talent of many within UW Art Department

May 26, 2017
A new project from the community arts space Arts + Literature Laboratory (ALL) titled CSArt Madison showcases the creativity and innovation of several faculty members and students associated with UW-Madison's School of Education.

According to a recent Wisconsin State Journal report, the concept behind CSArt Madison is to "buy fresh and original art -- and get it straight from the producer." It focuses on connecting local artists and talent to buyers. 

Starting on May 1, 50 shares of CSArt went on sale to the public; a full share costs $300 and buys 10 artworks, and a half share buys five pieces. All pieces are from accomplished local artists and were created this spring or summer. 

Among the CSArtists associated with the School of Education's Art Department include: 

John Hitchcock, the School's Associate Dean for the Arts, and a printmaker and professor with the Art Department; faculty member, glass artist and head of the glass lab Helen Lee; Associate Professor Faisal Abdu'Allah; MFA candidates Dakota Mace and Chelsea Thompto; graduating senior Daniel Kaplan; Jason Ruhl, a master printer at Tandem Press; and J. Myszka Lewis, a curator at Tandem Press

Abdu'Allah is creating a 7-inch vinyl record as his piece, saying in the article: "When CSArt asked me to do something, I thought, well, music,” he said. “I always ask students to embrace uncertainty and go beyond their own expectations.”

For more information, read the full article here: "CSArt Madison hopes to connect artists and collectors."
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