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Radomski questions rapid growth of UW Flexible Option program

October 06, 2017
​A​fter Gov. Scott Walker ​made changes to the state budget requiring the UW System to double the number of courses offered through its online Flexible Option program over the next two years, WISCAPE's Noel Radomski ​questioned the program's rapid growth.

Noel Radomski
“Is this really addressing the real needs of adult learners?” he asked in a Wisconsin State Journal article about the changes.

Radomski noted in the article that "it has been hard to find detailed statistics about student outcomes in Flexible Option, or the money and staff time that has gone into building up the program and its support services, which include advising, financial aid and course development."

He attributed the growth "more to the political appeal of competency-based education than the merits of Flexible Option itself."

“It was a political decision and they just keep putting money into it,” Radomski said.

Radomski is the managing director of the Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education (WISCAPE), which is housed in within the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis in UW-Madison's School of Education.

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