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WISCAPE's Radomski takes on UW-Stevens Point controversy at forum

May 10, 2018

At the recent shared governance forum hosted by PROFS, Noel Radomski, managing director of the Wisconsin Center for the Advancement of Postsecondary Education (WISCAPE), asked Regina Millner, a member of the UW System Board of Regents, why the regents had not intervened in the controversy at UW-Stevens Point. ​Radomski's comments were included in a Capital Times article about the forum.

Noel RadomskiUW-Stevens Point has proposed the elimination of 13 academic programs, mostly in humanities disciplines.

Radomski said that "the campus review process circumvented shared governance process by using a different committee to analyze the proposal."

What’s more, he continued, "two UW Colleges two-year campuses, UW-Marathon County and UW-Marshfield/Wood County, that are scheduled to become branches of UW-Stevens Point in a system-wide reorganization next year, were not consulted. Humanities studies, like those degree programs marked for elimination, are the core of the two-year campus programs."

“How bad things do things have to get on those campuses before the regents come in and say let’s work on this collaboratively, let’s understand what the issues are and get back on track?” Radomski asked.

“This is precedent setting,” he said. “Which institution is next?”

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