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WKOW spotlights video game that’s helping teachers generate excitement in the classroom

February 10, 2019

Madison’s local ABC affiliate, WKOW-TV/Ch. 27, recently produced a report on the video game “Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case” and its impact in Wisconsin classrooms. 

“Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case” was co-created by UW-Madison’s Field Day Lab and Wisconsin Public Television — and has already been used by 28,000 children since October. The Field Day Lab, directed by David Gagnon, is housed within the School of Education’s Wisconsin Center for Education Research.

The video game, developed to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of Wisconsin’s state Capitol, is now available to play, free of charge, on WPT’s education website. The storyline revolves around a young girl named Jo Wilder and her adventures around the Capitol as she tries to solve the mystery behind several historical state artifacts. Somewhere along the way her pet badger, Teddy, goes missing, creating a playful and engaging sub-plot. 

David Gagnon on WKOWGagnon tells WKOW that they “want them (children) to be making decisions, finding out the outcomes of those decisions, failing and succeeding and generally experimenting.” This video game was created with children in mind: Field Day Lab developed the game over rounds of critique from its audience – third through fifth graders.

Many educators, as well as their students, are excited to have resources like “Jo Wilder and the Capitol Case” in the classroom. While it can’t replace reading and writing, it’s a piece of the educational puzzle that allows students to be immersed in history.

For more details, check out the entire report on WKOW's  website.

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