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UW-Madison’s Goldberg co-authors study reviewing measures for tracking symptoms of bipolar disorder

February 15, 2019

UW-Madison’s Simon Goldberg is a co-author of a new study that reviewed available measures for tracking symptoms of bipolar disorder as a means for improving outcomes in psychotherapy.

The paper is titled “Systematic Review of Symptom Assessment Measures for Use in Measurement-Based Care of Bipolar Disorder,” and it appears in the journal Psychiatric Services.

Simon Goldberg
Goldberg is an assistant professor with the School of Education’s Department of Counseling Psychology, and he is an affiliate with the university’s Center for Healthy Minds. The lead author on the report is Joseph Cerimele, a psychiatrist with the University of Washington’s Medical Center and an assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences. 

To understand how measures of symptoms could be used in measure-based care (MBC), the team of researchers conducted a systematic review of multiple databases to identify valid measures of symptoms. They used their findings to assess each measure’s clinical utility.

Given symptoms of bipolar disorder are complex and can change rapidly, the researchers are hopeful their review will provide clinicians with information about available measures and encourage their use in routine practice. 

 Read the entire study here.

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